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Annual work environment survey

at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The work environment survey (OSA survey) is part of the systematic work environment process to create healthy, including, respectful and productive workplaces.

The result of the survey is summarized on a faculty level where patterns for different groups of employees can be displayed and followed up over time.

In addition to the result for the whole faculty, each department/unit gets their own result to work with in dialogue recurringly over the year.

The survey is part of the systematic work environment process 

The purpose of the OSA survey is to support the departments in creating healthy and sustainable workplaces. In order for the survey to be useful, as many people as possible need to respond to it. Once the survey is completed, the most important part of the work begins, namely discussing the implications and developing proposals for measures that can contribute to a good working environment in the future.

A joint survey for all departments and workplaces at the Faculty of Social Sciences

A faculty-wide survey allows us to follow the development over time for larger groups of employees, and provides comparative data at department level. The survey and the analysis of the results enable us to identify where measures are needed in the area of health and safety at work and to monitor their effects on a regular basis.

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The questionnaire consists of multiple-choice questions in two main areas:

  • organisational and social work environment 
  • violations, harassment, discrimination and safety 

These areas are mutually dependent on each other. Parts of the questionnaire can therefore also be used in the preventive work against discrimination. 

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Taking care of the results

When the response period is over, the department's results report is sent from the Faculty Office to each head of department/equivalent, for an initial review together with the safety representative and HR partner. Feedback is then given to all employees, and the results are followed up and processed in accordance with the routine that applies at the department.

Questions & answers

Overview of the survey

The OSA survey is a tool for regularly examining the work environment in order to create healthy and sustainable workplaces. It focuses on the employees' experience of our organisational and social work environment, i.e. how the business is managed and governed and how we work together and treat each other. The survey also includes questions about violations, harassment, discrimination and safety in the workplace.

All employees at the faculty can respond to the survey, regardless of professional category, form of employment or length of employment.

The survey is answered anonymously. You state your organisational affiliation, gender, occupational category and form of employment when answering. Only results for groups of at least five respondents will be reported. No individual survey responses or other raw data are disseminated.

Just like the other results, the free text answers will be shared with the head of department/equivalent at each workplace. In the case of free text answers, it cannot be guaranteed that the answers cannot be attributed to an individual person as it depends on how the respondent expresses himself or herself. In order to protect your own and others' privacy as far as possible, personal names and, as far as possible, other unique markers should be avoided when answering the survey.

Practical issues

You answer the survey via a personal link that is distributed to you via email.

On 17 April, you will recieve the email från Lund University, lu [at] sr [dot] artologik [dot] net.

Please note that you cannot respond to the survey via a link that a colleague forwards to you.

The date for mailing is 17 April and the deadline for responses is 3 May.

  1. Search your inbox for messages from Lund University <lu [at] sr [dot] artologik [dot] net> and/or messages containing the phrase: "Time for the faculty's work environment survey 2024".
  2. Check if the message has ended up in your spam filter.
  3. If you cannot find an e-mail with a survey link using the measures above, please contact the faculty's work environment coordinator, cecilia [dot] hagstrom [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se.

Please note that the survey link is personal, so you cannot answer the survey via a link that a colleague forwards to you.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey. The questionnaire contains 34 questions with fixed answer options and the opportunity for clarifying comments in connection with most questions. Your comments in the free text fields constitute valuable information that contributes to the work environment management at your workplace.

Yes, select the save button at the bottom of the page (but without submitting) before you leave the form so you can pick up where you left off.

Reports for each workplace and for the faculty as a whole are produced by the faculty office and sent to the head of department/equivalent in early May. An initial review of the results takes place in dialogue between the head of department and the safety representative, with the support of the department's HR partner.

By August-September at the latest, the results will be shared with all staff and follow-up activities will be carried out according to the timetable decided by the department.

Once the survey has been completed, the most important part of the work begins, namely to discuss the meaning and develop proposals for measures that can contribute to a good work environment. The more people who answer the survey, the more useful it will be both in the workplace and for the faculty's long-term work environment process.


For information regarding the faculty's work environment activities:

Cecilia Hagström
HR Specialist
cecilia [dot] hagstrom [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 42 15

For questions regarding your work environment, please contact the head of department och your health and safety representative. 

Health and safety representatives at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Time table


  • The survey is sent to all staff at the faculty.


  • Summary of the results
  • Initial analysis of group results and risk assessment. Conducted by the head of department/equivalent in collaboration with the health and safety representative and human resources officers.


  • Work place activities based on the group´s result with a forward-looking approach.
  • Action plan for measures including distribution of responsibility, forms and time for follow-up