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Questions and answers

about the building project Campus Paradis

About the project 

The faculty’s premises in the Paradis area are centrally located in the so-called Science Trail in Lund, but they are not built for, and only partially adapted for, the activities being conducted

There  is a general lack of study spaces and meeting places and the technical standard is partially inadequate, resulting in deficiencies in the working environment.

The faculty’s premises have been discussed and under investigation since at least as far back as 2008. In general, the faculty has been lacking some types of teaching premises, including lecture halls, but also modern, flexible spaces for various forms of teaching.

Not all the departments in the faculty in Lund have been located in Campus Paradis. Many departments in Lund are overcrowded and some have been scattered across several buildings. We would also like to have a modern library for the whole faculty and more and better study spaces. Inadequate accessibility has also been a problem in certain buildings.

The project has come about in response to the need to clarify operational needs on the strength of longevity and continuity, and to coordinate the development of the area’s buildings and outdoor environment.

The aim of the project is to create usable and attractive shared spaces for libraries, studying, teaching and research at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The project aims to build a sustainable indoor and outdoor environment for the faculty’s students and staff for the next 30-40 years.

The departments/units primarily affected are those with activities on Campus Paradis – or which are planning to move their activities here – and whose location is affected by the renovation/refurbishment:

  • Department of Gender Studies
  • Deparment of Human Geography
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department Service
  • Faculty Office
  • Graduate School
  • Social Sciences Faculty Library

During the construction period, the departments operating in already renovated buildings (Eden and Gamla Köket) will also be affected:

  • Department of Political Science
  • School of Social Work

All activities within Campus Paradis will be affected, for example by temporary and permanent changes to the range of teaching facilities available and by the fact that the construction work will be visible and audible.

For construction projects of this size, it is always difficult to be precise about the timetable for work. Processes are long and involve many external actors aside from the faculty. We are also located in sensitive surroundings, with many older buildings inside the old city walls.

The current phase of the campus project (phase 3) also includes all of the faculty buildings on Campus Paradis, (Eden was renovated in phase 1 and Gamla Köket in phase 2). We expect the current phase to last through the 2020s, and probably into the 2030s.

The departments are participating by specifying their needs in terms of workplaces etc.

During the course of the construction, the project team and, at certain stages, the architects in charge, will also meet with the respective organisations to conduct a dialogue on needs and possible solutions. In addition, since the start of the project, workshops have been held and various reference groups have contributed to the faculty’s list of requirements. The faculty reference groups will continue to participate in the project.

The new building Cesam

According to the proposal on which the application for an amended zoning plan is based, the Centre for Social Sciences (Cesam) will be located in a new building that will join the buildings M and O. The intention is to locate the new building on the current parking lot in the northern part of Campus Paradis.

As the zoning plan has been appealed to Mark- och miljödomstolen ("Land and Environment Court), and this has not yet been processed, the Campus Paradis project has chosen to first proceed with the renovation of Gamla kirurgen . When the zoning plan has gained legal force, dialogue will be resumed with Akademiska Hus regarding the Cesam project.

Gamla lungkliniken (building G)

Gamla lungkliniken will undergo the necessary changes to accommodate additional workplaces. The ventilation system is already on the verge of being undersized and the data network needs to be replaced. The faculty is also taking the opportunity to complete the eastern side of floor 4, which was not refurbished in the same way as the rest of the building during the 2006 renovation.

After the renovation, the Department of Sociology will move back to the building, together with the Department of Gender Studies.

According to the current schedule, the renovation will take approximately one year from summer 2023.

During the renovation, the Department of Sociology will move to temporary premises in Allhelgonaskolan, Bredgatan 26.


Robert Holmberg
Project manager

Jenny Egidius
Assistant project manager

projekt_campus_paradis [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se (projekt_campus_paradis[at]sam[dot]lu[dot]se)