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Premises booking

at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Lund

This page is for staff at the Faculty of Social Sciences who wish to book faculty premises.

Premises in the Campus Paradis area

Please note that different premises have different lock systems and technical equipment. The standard equipment is:

  • white board
  • projector.

Detailed information on equipment and furnishing (LU Box)

The schedule for certain rooms can be seen in TimeEdit. Via the Swedish web page you can click on the name of the room to bring up the schedule. Certain rooms are administered locally at the department.

Rooms with 55-97 seats

Sh128: 97 seats
Ed236: 64 seats
R236: 55 seats
R240: 55 seats
Ed129: 55 seats

Rooms with 40-48 seats

P115: 48 seats
Sh108: 48 seats
Ed235: 46 seats
M138: 42 seats
M221: 42 seats
M124: 42 seats
R144: 42 seats
M128: 40 seats
M224: 40 seats
Ed131: 40 seats
Ed230: 40 seats
G109: 40 seats
G119: 40 seats

Rooms with 20-32 seats

Ed222a: 32 seats
P206: 30 seats
Sh208: 30 seats
M123: 30 seats
M331: 30 seats
G101: 28 seats, appr. 17 laptops
G125: 28 seats, appr. 17 laptops
R148: 24 seats
Sh107: 22 seats
P204: 22 seats
P202: 20 seats

Rooms with 12-18 seats

M102: 18 seats
Ed222b: 18 seats
Ed132a: 16 seats
Ed132b: 16 seats
M226: 15 seats
Sh038: 15 seats
Sh050: 15 seats
Sh052: 15 seats
Ed136: 12 seats
Ed137: 14 seats
Sh051: 12 seats
P017: 12 seats
P019: 12 seats

Rooms with 3-10 seats

G138: 10 seats (No technical equipment)
G139: 10 seats (No technical equipment)
G139: 10 seats (No technical equipment)
P209: 10 seats
P210: 10 seats
P006: 8 seats
P007: 8 seats
P013: 8 seats
P014: 8 seats
P016: 8 seats
P035: 8 seats
P036: 8 seats
P037: 8 seats
P038: 8 seats
P039: 8 seats
P040: 8 seats
P041: 8 seats
P042: 8 seats
P203: 8 seats
Sh018: 8 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh016: 6 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh036: 6 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh037: 6 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh014: 5 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh015: 3 seats (No technical equipment)
Sh017: 3 seats (No technical equipment)

University shared auditoriums

See this page for information about University shared auditoriums (

    Other units

    Geocentrum - KEG (Sölvegatan 10)

    All premises are booked through expeditionen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (KEGs Expedition)


    Booking group at Campus Paradis

    Jenny Egidius
    Kristina Gröndahl Nilsson
    Anita Lennerstedt
    Carina Olsson

    campusundervisning [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se

    Map, teaching rooms Campus Paradis