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Premises booking

at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Lund

This page is for staff at the Faculty of Social Sciences who wish to book faculty premises.

Please note that different premises have different lock systems and technical equipment. For this reason, always check the details with the premises booker!

Standard equipment: white board, projector.

The schedule for certain rooms can be seen in TimeEdit. Via the Swedish web page you can click on the name of the room to bring up the schedule. Certain rooms are administered locally at the department.

Campus Paradis

House G (Sociologen)

  • G101 COMPUTER HALL -  24 places 
  • G125 COMPUTER HALL -  24 places
  • G109 - 40 places: (soc)
  • G119 - 40  places: (soc)
  • G133 - 40  places: (soc)

House H (Eden)

  • Ed129 - 55  places (psy)
  • Ed131 -  40 places (psy)
  • Ed132 COMPUTER HALL -24 places 
  • Ed136 -  12 places, meeting/seminar room (svet)
  • Ed137 -  14 places, seminar room (svet)
  • Ed222a -  32 places (svet)
  • Ed222b - 18 places (svet)
  • Ed230 -  40 places (svet)
  • Ed235 - 46 places (svet)
  • Ed236 -  64 places (svet)

House I (Gamla köket)

  • Sh128  -  97 places (soch)
  • Sh108  -  48 places (soch)
  • Sh107  -  22 places (soch)
  • Sh208  -  30 places (soch)
  • Sh038: - 15 places (soch)
  • Sh050:  - 15 places (soch)
  • Sh051:  - 12 places (soch)
  • Sh052: - 12 places (soch)

Hus M

  • M102 - 9 places (psy)
  • M123 - 30 places (psy)
  • M124 - 42 places (psy)
  • M128 - 40 places (soc)
  • M138 - 42 places (psy)
  • M221 -  42 places (genus)
  • M224 - 40 places (genus)
  • M226 -15 places (genus)
  • M331 - 30 places (räs)

House P (Psykologen)

  • P115 - 48 places (psy)
  • P202 - 20 places (psy)
  • P204 COMPUTER HALL - 22 places, 11 computers (psy)
  • P206 - 30 places (psy)

House R (Gamla kirurgen)

  • R144  - 42 places (psy)
  • R148 ALC - 24 places (soch)
  • R236 - 57 places (Graduate School) Equipped for streaming
  • R240 - 57 places (Graduate School)

University shared auditoriums

See this page for information about University shared auditoriums (

Other units

Geocentrum - KEG (Sölvegatan 10)

All premises are booked through expeditionen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (KEGs Expedition)


Booking group at Campus Paradis

Jenny Egidius
Kristina Gröndahl Nilsson
Anita Lennerstedt
Carina Olsson

campusundervisning [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se

Contacts at the departments

Department of Gender Studies
josefin [dot] larsson [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se (Josefin Larsson)

Department of Human Geography
expeditionen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (Student Office)

Department of Political Science
kristina [dot] grondahl_nilsson [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se (Kristina Gröndahl Nilsson)

Department of Psychology
eva-lena [dot] hansson [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se (Eva-Lena Hansson)

Department of Sociology
hakan [dot] bergquist [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se (Håkan Bergquist)

Faculty Library
info [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se (Reception)

Graduate School
frank [dot] schreier [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se (Frank Schreier)

School of Social Work

Sociology of Law Department
anette [dot] salling [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se (Anette Salling)