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Health and safety representatives

The role of health and safety representatives, who are selected by the employees, is to monitor and improve the work environment. According to the Work Environment Act, these representatives have the right to present your views about the work environment. Contact one of them if you have views about your work environment.

The links below lead to contact information on Staff pages.

Principal health and safety representative

The Faculty's pricipal health and safety representative is Charlotta Kjöllerström.

Departments and units

Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Director: Karin Aggestam
Health and safety representative: lina [dot] eklund [at] cme [dot] lu [dot] se (Lina Eklund)

Department of Communication and media

Head of department: Ulrika Holgersson
Health and safety representative: Frida Nilsson
Alternate: Tobias Linné

Department of Gender Studies

Head of department: mia [dot] liinason [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se (Mia Liinasson)
Health and safety representative: Marta Kolankiewicz

Department of Human Geography

Head of department: Ola Hall
Health and safety representative: Karin Lindsjö
Alternate: Thomas Malm

Department of Political Science

Head of department: Björn Badersten
Health and safety representative: Annika Bergman Rosamond
Alternate: Agustín Goenaga

Department of Psychology

Head of department: Sofia Bunke
Health and safety representative: Simon Granér
Alternate: Birgitta Wanek

Department of Service Management and Service Studies

Head of department: Mattias Wengelin
Health and safety representative: Christer Eldh
Alternate: Matilda Yourstone

Department of Sociology

Head of department: Lisa Eklund
Health and safety representative: Erik Hannerz

Department of Strategic Communication

Head of department: Mozhgan Zachrison
Health and safety representative: Henrik Merkelsen


Director: Emily Boyd
Health and safety representative: Charlotta Kjöllerström

School of Social Work

Head of department: Katarina Jacobsson
Health and safety representative: Tina Mattsson

Sociology of Law Department

Head of department: Isabel Schoultz
Health and safety representative: Karl Dahlstrand
Alternate: Marie Leth-Espensen

Social Sciences Faculty Library

Library Manager: Adam Turic
Health and safety representative Lund: Ann-Sofie Zettergren
Alternate: Gabriella Johansson
Health and safety representative Campus Helsingborg: vacant

Faculty Office

Administrative director: Malou Engberg de Carvalho
Health and safety representative: Frank Schreier
Alternate: Malin Persson