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New building names in the Paradis area

Sign outside för building Gamla kirugen. Photo.

LU Byggnad has recently decided on new names for some of the buildings in the Paradis area. The change is made to create a uniform naming scheme within the area.

The building names in the Paradis area have previously not followed the same template and the same building could have different names in different systems. After a review of the names, LU Byggnad is therefore introducing the old hospital names for the older buildings in the area.

The signs outside the buildings will be replaced gradually. The names of the premises in the TimeEdit booking system will be changed from the autumn semester.

Below is a list of the buildings in which the Faculty of Social Sciences operates, their previous letter designations and addresses:

  • Gamla köket
    Address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 8 and Norra vallgatan 10 
    In the building: School of Social Work, faculty shared classrooms and Karna’s café.
  • Gamla barnsjukhuset 
    Former name: building J
    Address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 12 A-B
    In the building: Social Sciences Faculty Library
  • Eden 
    Address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 14
    In the building: Department of Political Sciences, faculty shared classrooms, university shared auditorium and exam halls, and Café Eden.
  • Gamla paviljongen
    Former name: building P
    Address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 16 A-B
    In the building: Department of Psychology and faculty shared classrooms. 
  • Gamla barnbördshuset
    Former name: building O
    Address: Allhelgona kyrkogata 18 A-B
    In the building: Psychotherapy Office and the Department of Psychology. 
  • Gamla polikliniken
    Former name: building M
    Adress: Allhelgona kyrkogata 18 C and 20 A-B
    In the building: Sociology of Law Department, Department of Gender Studies and faculty shared classrooms.
  • Gamla kirurgen
    Former name: building R
    Address: Sandgatan 13 A-B
    In the building: Faculty Office, Faculty Management, Department Service, Graduate School, workplaces for the Department of Political Science and the Department of Psychology, faculty shared classrooms, and University administration.
  • Gamla lungkliniken
    Former name: building G
    Address: Sandgatan 11 A-C
    The building will be renovated during approximately one year from July 2023. After the renovation, the Department of Sociology will move back, together with the Department of Gender Studies.
Aerial photo of the builings in the Paradis area.