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New step towards renovation of Gamla kirurgen

The building Gamla kirurgen. Photo.

The feasability study of the building Gamla kirurgen is now initiated. A new, more detailed architectural sketch showing how the need for premises can be met will be produced and sent for consultation to the faculty.

The Campus Paradis project includes the renovation of several buildings in the area and the construction of an extension, the Centre for Social Sciences (Cesam). A feasibility study for all of the faculty's buildings in the Paradis area was carried out in 2019. It is this pre-study that will now be revised in connection with the launch of the sub-project Gamla kirurgen. In mid-November, representatives from LU Estates, Akademiska Hus and the Campus Paradis project met at a start-up meeting to begin the work.

The following activities are preliminarily located in Gamla kirurgen:

  • Psychotherapy Clinic
  • EEG Lab
  • Department of Sociology of Law.

Allhelgonaskolan is the preliminary evacuation building for the current departments/units in Gamla kirurgen. The project informed the departments in October and will have an ongoing dialogue.

The revised feasibility study will be referred to the faculty. After that, the project will proceed stepwise with referrals between each stage.  

Read more about the nine steps of the construction process, in Swedish (PDF, new tab)

Evacuation and construction start are tentatively scheduled for 2026.