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Work environment

In this section you can read about how the faculty manages the work environment and who to contact if you have views about your work environment.

The right to a good work environment

All employees have the right to a good work environment in accordance with the Work Environment Act. The act gives both students and staff the right to influence their work environment. In addition, a good work environment is a condition for staff wellbeing in the workplace and for students to achieve good study results.  

Some of the issues involved in the work environment:

  • Psychosocial environment, e.g. stress, harassment, wellbeing and work methods
  • Physical environment, e.g. ventilation, lighting, noise levels and the standard of premises
  • Computing environment, e.g. the number of computers, ergonomic work stations, disruptive noise

Influencing your work environment

The role of health and safety representatives is to monitor and improve the work environment. According to the Work Environment Act, these representatives have the right in various ways to present your views about the work environment. The representatives are chosen by the staff members and students/department council respectively. Contact one of them if you have views about your work environment.

The head of department or equivalent is responsible for the work environment at the department.

Local Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSE)

The Local HSE Committee supports the faculty management in systematic work environment management.

Local HSE Committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Other support

Employees are also supported by the Occupational Health Service, which you can contact about matters concerning the work environment, rehabilitation and work-related ill-health.

Read more about the Occupational Health Service at

The Student Health Centre provides support on these matters for students.

Read more about the Student Health Centre at