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Qualified and Excellent Teaching Practitioners

Teachers are accepted into the Academy with reference to two levels: Qualified Teaching Practitioner (QTP) or Excellent Teaching Practitioner (ETP).

Current Excellent Teaching Practitioners

  • Karin Aggestam, Department of Political Science
  • Björn Badersten, Department of Political Science
  • Elin Bommenel, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Eva Friis, Sociology of Law Department
  • Tomas Germundsson, Department of Human Geography
  • Sara Goodman, Department of Gender Studies
  • Kristina Göransson, School of Social Work
  • Martin Hall, Department of Political Science
  • Maria Hedlund, Department of Political Science
  • Mats Heide, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Mats Hilte, School of Social Work
  • Anne Jerneck, LUCSUS
  • Kristina Jönsson, Department of Political Science
  • Marcus Knutagård, Scool of Social Work
  • Arne Kristiansen, School of Social Work
  • Helene Lahti Edmark, School of Social Work
  • Britta Liljegren, Department of Psychology
  • Tobias Linné, Department of Communication and Media
  • Tina Mattsson, School of Social Work
  • Fredrik Miegel, Department of Communication and Media
  • Barry Ness, LUCSUS
  • Jan-Henrik Nilsson, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Hans-Edvard Roos, Department of Sociology
  • Helena Sandberg, Department of Communication and Media
  • Rebecca Selberg, Department of Gender Studies
  • Karin Steen, LUCSUS
  • Lupita Svensson, School of Social Work
  • Mikael Sundström, Department of Political Science
  • Lisa Strömbom, Department of Political Science
  • Jan Teorell, Department of Political Science
  • Åsa Thelander, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Eva Tideman, Department of Psychology
  • Eva Torkelson, Department of Psychology
  • Anders Uhlin, Department of Political Science
  • Ulrika Westrup, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Malin Zillinger, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Christine Wamsler, LUCSUS

Current Qualified Teaching Practitioners

  • Rikard Bengtsson, Department of Political Science
  • Marie Bergström, Department of Psychology
  • Magdalena Bexell, Department of Political Science
  • Annika Björkdahl, Department of Political Science
  • Douglas Brommesson, Department of Political Science
  • Veronika Burcar Alm, Department of Sociology
  • Hanna Bäck, Department of Political Science
  • Daiva Daukantaité, Department of Psychology
  • Lena Eskilsson, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Christian Fuentes, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Simon Granér, Department of Psychology
  • Nicklas Guldåker, Department of Human Geography
  • Cecilia Heule, School of Social Work
  • Eva Hoff, Department of Psychology
  • Jan-Åke Jansson, Department of Psychology
  • Tomas Jungert, Department of Psychology
  • Åsa Knaggård, Department of Political Science
  • Marta Kolankiewicz, Deparment of Gender
  • Leili Laanemets, School of Social Work
  • Henrik Levinsson, Department of Psychology
  • Sofia Linderot, School of Social Work
  • Johannes Lindvall, Department of Political Science
  • Henrik Merkelsen, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Ida Nafstad, Department of Sociology
  • Kimberly Nicholas, LUCSUS 
  • Sara von Platen, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Josephine Rekers, Department of Human Geography
  • Anna Sonander, Sociology of Law Department
  • Ingela Steij Ståhlbrand, Department of Psychology
  • Malena Rosén Sundström, Department of Political Science
  • Fredrik Schoug, Department of Communication and Media
  • Isabel Schoultz, Sociology of Law Department
  • Eva Schömer, Sociology of Law Department
  • Charlotte Simonsson, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Roxanna Sjöstedt, Department of Political Science
  • Linda Stihl, Department of Human Geography
  • Ylva Stubbergaard, Department of Political Science
  • Anette Svingstedt, Department of Service Management and Service Studies
  • Christopher Swader, Department of Sociology
  • Lena Tärnhäll, School of Social Work


For information about the Teaching Academy:

Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt
Pro Dean
+46 46 222 84 23
agnes [dot] andersson_djurfeldt [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

For information about the application:

Marie Steiner
Faculty coordinator
+ 46 46 222 48 93
marie [dot] steiner [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se