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Governance and politics

How countries are governed and how they interact with each other is a large and broad research field at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

A Plenary Chamber. Photo.
Governance and politics is a large and broad research field at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Photo: Michael Erhardsson, Mostphoto

The research field includes research on different political regimes, from democracies to authoritarian states. We study Swedish politics at local and national level, as well as politics in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, South Asia and the former Soviet Union. How do new political blocs affect our democratic system? What are the consequences of migrant labour and refugee flows, for the country of origin and the country of destination? And what has the one-child policy meant for the China we see today? 

Our research also includes international relations in times of peace and unrest, and the major organisations that set the rules for cooperation between the countries of the world, such as the EU and the UN.

People are demonstrating. Photo.

Human rights

Our researchers participate in the research area Human rights, which is one of five profile areas at Lund University.

The profile area Human rights –