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Get started with CIM

Certificate of International Merits (CIM)

You can register for the Certificate of International Merits (CIM) at any time during your academic studies. If you choose to seek a Certificate of International Merits, you alone are responsible for applying for and registering for activities that may be included in your international CIM profile.


Get in touch with the contact person for CIM at your department, who will assist you further according to the structure of your department. Please note that CIM certificates do not apply to programmes that already have elements of international experience built into the syllabus.

In some departments there is a CIM platform, where you get a digital portfolio to collect and document your activities.

Your portfolio of international activities

If your department uses digital portfolios, gather your activities and reflections that you will do after each activity you have participated in. You should also document your participation in activities that you put into your portfolio. If your department does not use a digital portfolio, learn how to register and document your activities. 

It is always important that you take responsibility for gathering all the information, documenting, and after each activity, jotting down your reflections, while you have it fresh in your mind.

Tips: Take a look at the International Opportunities on the University’s website and monitor your student e-mail inbox.

Criteria for obtaining a certificate

  • You participate in at least three different types of activities with an international focus, of which at least one activity is abroad and at least one in Sweden. In some cases, an activity may consist of several sub-activities – refer to the FAQ.
  • You are enrolled at Lund University while you gather your international activities, and are registered as a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences when you apply for your degree.
  • You document your activities on your own in a digital portfolio (or the equivalent).
  • You write a summary final report, which includes approximately 3,000 words (excluding the cover page). This is sent to the contact person at your department and assessed for quality.
  • Next, present your experiences to fellow students (according to the agreement you entered into with your department). 
  • You will receive a certificate when your final summary report has passed the quality assessment and you have presented your experiences to your fellow students.

Registering activities after participating in them

If you have participated in international activities during your educational studies, it is possible to register these afterwards. Keep in mind that you will need clear proof of attendance or participation.

The activities you want to be included in your international portfolio must be approved by the CIM contact person at your department. See the contact information in the information box on this page. 

Faculty contact

Faculty International Office
outgoing [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se 

Department contacts

School of Social Work
Roberto Scaramuzzino 
roberto [dot] scaramuzzino [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Read more about CIM on School of Social Work's website

Service studies
Annika Permevik
annika [dot] permevik [at] ses [dot] lu [dot] se

Sociology of Law
Anna Sonander
anna [dot] sonander [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se

Strategic Communication
Frida Hessel
frida [dot] hessel [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se

Please note that CIM certificates do not apply to programmes that already have elements of international experience built into the syllabus.