The faculty in brief

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University is one of Sweden’s leading units for research and education within the social and behavioural sciences. With activities in both Lund and Helsingborg, a staff of over 500 and around 5 800 full-time equivalent students, the faculty is one of the largest at the University.

The building Gamla Kirurgen in Lund
The Faculty Office building Gamla Kirurgen, dating back to the 19th century.

To understand, explain and improve our world

Most of the challenges of our time are the result of human activity and must be solved through societal processes. International conflicts and crises, social conditions, environmental problems and health issues require knowledge about what determines individual and collective decisions and how societal systems can be changed. The Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University conducts research and education that contributes to this knowledge.

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Departments and units

The faculty's daily activities are concentrated at its 13 institutions and specialised centres in Lund and Helsingborg.

Departments and units


  • 5 636 full-time students (2019)
  • 14 undergraduate programmes
  • 22 master's programmes
  • 4 professional qualification programmes
  • About 300 free-standing courses

International exchange

  • 116 incoming students (full-time students 2019)
  • 140 outgoing students (full-time students 2019)

PhD studies

  • PhD studies in 13 subjects
  • 118 doctoral students (full-time equivalents)
  • About 25 thesis defences each year


  • Total number of faculty staff: 613 full-time equivalents
  •   53 professors
  •  427 teachers/researchers
  •  133 technical and administrative staff


Education SEK 394 million
Resarch SEK 347 million