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Book a group study room on Campus Paradis

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences can book some group study rooms at Campus Paradis in Lund.

How to book a group room

Login to TimeEdit with your student LU account. In the drop down-menu Aktivitet, choose Studentbokning. Leave the Student-box empty.

Booking rules

  • A session is a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours.
  • You can book a group study room two weeks in advance.
  • Each student can make 6 bookings during a period of two weeks.
  • You may not book group rooms for individual use.
  • If you have booked a room but are not using it within 15 minutes after the start of the session, the room may be used by another group.
  • You are not allowed to eat food in the group rooms, only to bring drinks with lids.

Bookable rooms

Below you find lists of the bookable group rooms, and opening hours for each building

Gamla köket (School of Social Work)

Open: Monday - Friday 08.00-20.00, Saturday - Sunday 10.00-15.00.


  • Sh014 (5 seats)
  • Sh015 (3 seats)
  • Sh017 (3 seats)
  • Sh036 (6 seats)
  • Sh037 (6 seats)

Building G (Department of Sociology)

Open: Monday - Friday 08.00-17.00.


  • G138 (10 seats)
  • G139 (10 seats)
  • G140 (10 seats)

Building P (Department of Psychology)

Open: Monday - Friday 08.00-17.00.


  • P006 (8 seats)
  • P007 (8 seats)
  • P008 (16 seats)
  • P013 (8 seats)
  • P014 (8 seats)
  • P016 (8 seats)
  • P017 (12 seats)
  • P019 (12 seats)
  • P035 (8 seats)
  • P036 (8 seats)
  • P037 (8 seats)
  • P039 (8 seats)
  • P040 (8 seats)
  • P041 (8 seats)
  • P042 (8 seats)   
  • P203 (8 seats)
  • P209 (10 seats)
  • P211 (10 platser)

Building J (Sambib)

Open: Monday - Thursday 09.00-20.00, Friday 09.00-18.00, Saturday - Sunday 10.00-15.00.


  • J106 (4 seats)
  • J114 (6 seats)
  • J205 (4 seats)
  • J206 (4 seats)

Find the group rooms

The links below lead to Google Maps:

Gamla köket (School of Social Work)
Building G (Department of Sociology)
Building P (Department of Psychology)
Building J (Sambib)

Street view of Campus Paradis.
Street view of Campus Paradis. Photo: Google.