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12. When you have returned

Outgoing exchange students

Once you have returned to Sweden from your studies abroad, the matters of grading, credit transfers and travel report await you.

The main university building. Photo.
Welcome back to Lund University. Photo: Kennet Ruona

Transcript of Records from the host university and credit transfer

Upon completion of your studies, the host university will send your Official Transcript of Records, your certificate of studies. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is sent to you. This often takes 1–5 months after you have completed your studies at the host university. Many universites prefer to send the transcript directly to your coordinator at home.

In that case, the following address can be used:

Lund University,
Faculty of Social Sciences International Office
Box 117
SE 221 00 Lund, Sweden
tel: +46 46 222 48 43,  +46 46 222 72 04,

Your coordinator will contact you when it has arrived. Some universities do not send a paper version but choose to send a digital version instead. Do not forget to give access to the transcript if this is the case, so the credits from your exchange studies can be transferred to Ladok. Credit transfer is processed by the study advisor/programme or the faculty’s international office. As soon as the credit transfer is complete and entered in Ladok, CSN can access the information.  

Write a travel report

Your experiences abroad are valuable to both other outgoing students and to coordinators and contract managers at Lund University. Please write a travel report according to the following guidelines:

Travel reports -

You will receive reminders about this via email. The travel reports will be published on our website.  

Become an international mentor

You can also continue to enjoy the international atmosphere by becoming a mentor for international students coming to Lund.

Becoming an international mentor -



E-mail: outgoing [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se

Visiting address: Sandgatan 13A, Building R, Gamla Kirurgen, Lund (map)

Nina Kusche
Phone: +46 46-222 48 43
Visiting hours: by appointment

Donata Navickiene
Phone: +46 46 222 72 04
Visiting hours: by appointment