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Campus Paradis building project

The Faculty of Social Sciences’ activities in Lund are primarily gathered in the Paradis area, which constitutes the southern section of the so-called Science Trail. Since 2012, a building project has been underway to meet the faculty’s premises needs through several renovations and new buildings in the area. On this page, you will find general information on the project and it's current status.

Aerial photo of the builings in the Paradis area.
Photo: Google maps.

The project in brief

Through the Campus Paradis building project, the Faculty of Social Sciences wants to create fit-for-purpose premises for the departments in Lund, to build a centre for social sciences in the area as well as to make the faculty visible in Lund’s urban environment. In the long term, it involves enhancing both the faculty’s own area and the Science Trail in Lund. 

The building project is carried out in three stages, of which two have already been completed. The remaining third stage consists of:

  • renovating Gamla lungkliniken (building G)
  • where necessary, renovating Gamla Kirurgen (building R), Paviljongen (building P) and Gamla Barnsjukhuset (building J)
  • renovating Gamla Polikliniken (buildning M) and Gamla Barnbördshuset (building O)
  • building a centre for social sciences, including a library
  • developing the Campus Paradis park area.

A new centre for social sciences

The new centre for social sciences is intended to function as an arena and meeting place for administrators, students and teaching staff. The aim is to create a study centre for the whole faculty with a library, café, lecture theatres, and study areas. It will also house a space for social science debates and presentations as well as exhibition areas.

The plan is for the new building to be joined to the existing buildings M and O.


Robert Holmberg
Project manager

Jenny Egidius
Assistant project manager

projekt_campus_paradis [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se (projekt_campus_paradis[at]sam[dot]lu[dot]se)

Project facts

The project consists of three stages.

Stage 1 (completed in 2013.)

Renovation and extension of Eden (building H), including the relocation of the Department of Political Science’s library to the Faculty of Social Sciences’ library in Gamla Barnsjukhuset (building J)

Stage 2 (completed in 2019)

Renovation and extension of Gamla köket (building I), allowing for the School of Social Work to be located in the same building.

Stage 3: (ongoing)

Construction of a centre for social sciences and the renovation of Gamla polikliniken (building M), Gamla barnbördshuset (building O), Gamla lungkliniken (building G) and, if needed, Gamla kirugen (building R), Paviljongen (building P) and Gamla barnsjukhuset (building J).

The project is carried out by Akademiska Hus in cooperation with LU Estates and the Faculty of Social Sciences.