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4. Transfer of credits

Outgoing exchange students

As an outgoing exchange student, you are still a student at Lund University. Your studies should be possible to transfer to your degree from Lund University.

General rules and guidelines for the transfer of credits

  • We expect you to apply for full time studies while abroad.
  • Courses may not overlap courses you have already taken or courses you are going to study. You cannot get credits for the same course twice. If you plan to take courses within a study area you have studied before, there may be a slight overlap, just as if you were continuing you studies at Lund University. Up to approximately 25 % overlap is acceptable. Please compare course syllabi and literature lists when selecting courses.  
  • Courses must be fully completed and with a passing grade.
  • Courses should be on a level that corresponds to Swedish higher education. Fist year course in USA, Freshman courses, are similar to the last year in Swedish upper secondary school and are not  transferred.
  • Courses that normally are not included in a Swedish degree such as sports, dancing etc are not transferred.
  • Internships are not transferred.
  • Languages are usually not transferred.
  • The number of credits that are required for each University is determined by the Faculty of Social Sciences. The requirement is based on the number of credits of the study programme at the host University. We divide the total number of credits with the number of years  to decide how many local credits correspond to an academic year in Sweden.

Please note that the minimum requirement for full time studies at the host university is not necessarily the same as the number of credits required to transfer 30 Swedish credits. Sometimes the semesters are shorter at the host university or they have three semester systems etc. For this reason, you may be required to study more than the national students do in order to transfer 30 Swedish credits.

How courses are transferred in LADOK

The courses are registered in LADOK as passed, with the name of the course and number of credits. The grades are not registered. In order to transfer courses, we need the original Official Transcript from the host university. 



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