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6. Funding

Outgoing exchange students

As an exchange student, you do not pay a tuition fee. At some universities, there may be a registration fee, deposit or similar. You are responsible for these fees.

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Information on funding. Photo: Pixabay

Erasmus+ mobility grant

All students who are selected and nominated as Erasmus students may apply for a grant.

The grant is aimed to cover the additional costs of the stay abroad. The grant amount is calculated per day and varies depending on which country you go to.

You need to hand in the application well in advance of your Erasmus mobility exchange. You need to apply at least one month before the start of the mobility. Applications received later than this will not be processed.

You can find more information about the grant and how to apply on the Lund University website:

Erasmus+ -


Students nominated for exchange studies in the Nordic region via Nordlys/Nordplus can apply for a Nordlys scholarship. You can apply for scholarships and travel grants for full-time study for up to 12 months to cover extra costs incurred in conjunction with the exchange, but these are not guaranteed. The Nordplus scholarships are funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Nordlys -

Lund University travel grant

Travel scholarships for undergraduate and Master’s students are announced in February each year. Travel scholarships are awarded for study abroad or travel in connection with degree projects and for foreign travel that benefits a student’s university studies in some way.

Application details -

Crafoord Foundation travel grant

Students at Lund University can apply for a travel grant from the Crafoord Foundation for a stay abroad, within or outside the EU. As of spring 2018, the grant is administered by Lund University.

The Crafoord Foundation travel grant is available to students of all academic disciplines. 

To be eligible, you must:

  • be registered for full-time studies at Lund University at the time of application and during the semester when the mobility will take place
  • have completed as least 180 credits at the time of departure, including at least 60 credits at Lund University
  • not have begun studying at a third-cycle level
  • have good language proficiency in English

Application details -

Other grants & Scholarships

Visit the Lund University page for scholarships and grants for studies abroad:

Scholarships for current students -



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