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10. Before your departure

Outgoing exchange students

There is a lot to think about and prepare for prior to going on your exchange term. You are responsible for arranging most of the preparations – make sure you are informed about insurance, Visa/permit, vaccinations, financial aid, housing, etc.

Office supplies lie on a table. Photo.
Prepare for the studies abroad. Photo: Pixabay

Bring the following important documents

Please prepare yourself for the studies abroad in time and read the instructions from the host University carefully. Also make sure you have the following ready when you leave:

  1. Admission decision from the host university
  2. Current Ladok transcript (stamped and signed by someone at Lund University)
  3. Certificate with regard to funding (certificate from your bank, student finance or scholarship organisation)
  4. Certificate of insurance (Försäkringskassan’s European health insurance card, or certificate insurance card from Kammarkollegiet)
  5. Passport (valid throughout the duration of your stay abroad)
  6. Visa/s
  7. Medicine and prescriptions. If you are on regular medication, it is important that you, after consulting with your doctor, bring your prescription. If you are bringing medicine with you, do not forget to check that they are allowed in the country to which you are travelling.

Accommodation abroad

If your host university offer accommodation you normally apply for accommodation at the same time as you apply to the host university. If you obtain accommodation through the host university, you must be prepared for it to be of a simple standard, possibly a shared room or one with a bathroom and kitchen shared with other students. Sometimes meals are included in the rent, and sometimes you have to pay six months’ rent in advance.

Renting a flat often requires a deposit and the duration of the rental contract does not always correspond to the semester dates. Always check this with the Housing Office at the host university.

If the host university do not offer accommodation or if you are not offered a room it is your own responsibility to find a place to stay. The host universlty will normally be able to give you advice on where to look.


All outgoing students from Lund University are covered by Kammarkollegiet’s Student UT insurance. This covers most eventualities (robbery, accident, illness and emergency dental care, etc.) from the moment you get on the plane/train to when you are back in Lund. 

NB: It does not include cancellation insurance for your trip. You can obtain this via your home insurance, or by paying for the air ticket with a credit card, for example. Check with your bank and your insurance company to find out what conditions apply in your case. Make sure to read the small print in your insurance policy in good time before setting off.

Remember that you must get a certificate of insurance from the International Office before your departure.

European Health Insurance card

If you are a Europaean citizens and are going to study at one of our European partner universities, do contact the Social Insurance office in your home country in good time and ask for a health insurance card. This entitles you to the same healthcare as all local residents in the country.

Apply for a visa

You are responsible for you own visa application. Apply for a visa only after you have received your admission decision from the host university. You can, however, begin to prepare your visa application in advance by retrieving the requested documents. In some cases, you may need to obtain a medical certificate. Make sure your passport is valid throughout the entire exchange period, sometimes even several months after.

Learning Agreement

Connected to the Erasmus + mobility grant will you be asked to fill out a Learning Agreeement. This is a document where you add the courses you will take while abroad and should be signed by you, the host institution and the sending institution. A signed Learning Agreement will give you the security to know that the courses sholuld be possible to transfer towards your degree after your return. 

Please read more at step 4. Transfer of credits

The Learning agreement is normally completed online in Solemove. Instructions are available in Canvas.

Lund University - Before your departure

Take a look at Lund University main website to find exstensive information on what to think about before going abroad.

Be sure to stay connected and follow up on all information related to your studies, your travels, your insurance, etcetera.

Before your departure -



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