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5. Language requirements

Outgoing exchange students

As an outgoing exchange student, you are still a student at Lund University. Your studies should be possible to transfer to your degree from Lund University.

A word book and a pair of glasses. Photo.
You should be able to follow lessons and take exams in the relevant language. Photo: Pixabay

Language requirements

You need good language skills. If you are studying in the national language, language skills and your ability to study in the relevant language is an important selection criteria.

The university information sheet sometimes lists two languages for studies. It is important that you verify the language of instruction for courses you are interested in studying.  

We do not require any academic merits for participation in the exchange programme. If you have studied the relevant language in school that is usually sufficient.

Additional language test are usually not required. However, in some cases the universities demand language tests or certificates (TOEFL or IELTS for English). You do not have to take a test for the application at Lund University. It is only  afterwards in case you are nominated. You will receive more information from your coordinator.  

Sometimes we are requested by the host university to certify the level of your language skills by writing a certificate. This certificate may be requested when you submit your documents to the host university.​

Common requirements in Europe

Partner Universities in Europe often use "B1", "B2" or "C1", to express required level of English, French, German, and Spanish etc.



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