The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of nine faculties at Lund University.

Management and support services

The Board is the faculty’s highest decision-making body with overall responsibility for operations in accordance with powers delegated by the University Board or vice-chancellor. The Board works in a forward-looking way in accordance with the long-term goals and visions of the faculty  

The organisation is led by dean Christofer Edling, pro-dean Lena Eskilsson, vice-dean Anna Meeuwisse and the head of the faculty office Malou Engberg de Carvalho.

Faculty management

To support strategic and operative work there are a number of councils, boards and committees with representatives from the faculty’s organisation. All decision-making and drafting bodies that affect education and the students’ situation also include student representatives. Further support services are provided by the faculty office.

Faculty office

Departments and library

Research and education are concentrated at the faculty’s departments and specialised centres. Each department has a department board which leads and organises the activities.

Institutions and units

The faculty library consists of two units: Sambib in Lund and the library at Campus Helsingborg.