Graduation and career

Faculty of Social Sciences

A person holding a degree diploma. Photo.
Photo: Kennet Ruona.


When you have completed your studies at Lund University you can apply for your degree certificate.

The degree certificate is issued upon your request by the Degree Office once your studies are completed. The degree certificate is a document written in both Swedish and English. It shows the title of your degree (e.g. Bachelor of Science) and your major field as well as all the courses included. An appendix called the diploma supplement, is also enclosed.

More information and application forms at the Lund University website.

Career Guidance

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences looking for career guidance are welcome to refer to the faculty's CV and apply for a job webpages. These pages offer you perspectives, tips and tools on how to apply for a job, how to write a resume, the importance of voluntary work and traineeship, how to be innovative and how start up your own company or project.

How to write a CV and apply for a job in Sweden