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Avhandlingar i utvecklingsstudier t.o.m. 2014

Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

Avhandlingarna i utvecklingsstudier är sorterade efter följande inriktningar:

  • Ekonomisk historia
  • Företagsekonomi
  • Humanekologi
  • Kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi
  • Nationalekonomi
  • Pedagogik
  • Rättssociologi
  • Socialantropologi
  • Sociologi
  • Statsvetenskap

Ekonomisk historia

Ndoma-Egba, Bassey: Foreign Investment and Economic Transformation in West Africa 1870-1930 with emphasis on Nigeria. 1972

Hatt, Neelambar: American Assistance and the American Economy 1951-1969/70. 1977

Gunnarsson, Christer: The Gold Coast Cocoa Industry 1900-1939- Production, Prices and Structural Change. 1978

Svensson, Vidar: Essays on EEC-African Associations. 1979

Ababio-Appah, Nicholas: Land Ownership in the Economic Development of Ghana 1945-1975. 1981

Brundenius, Claes: Economic Growth, Basic Needs and Income Distribution in Revolutionary Cuba. 1981

Gool, Selim: Mining Capitalism and Black Labour in the Early Industrial Period in South Africa - A Critique of the New Historiography. 1983

Ressaissi, Raouf: Settlement Colonization and Transnational Labor Emigrations in the Maghreb. A comparative study of Algeria and Tunisia. 1984

do Nascimento Barbosa, Wilson: Growth and Government Economic Policies in Brazil: A Study of Aggregate Income Developments 1940-1980. 1984

Mesghenna, Yemane: Italian Colonialism, Motive, Praxis and Result - A Case Study of Eritrea, 1869-1934. 1988

Atingdui, Lawrence: Taxation and Structural Change in Ghana's Economy, 1960-1980. 1988

Negrao, Jose: One Hundred Years of African Rural Family Economy. The Zambezi Delta in Retrospective Analysis. 1995

Jerneck, Anne: Adjusting State and Market in Vietnam. 1995

Siriprachai, Somboon: Control and Rent-Seeking: The Role of the State in the Thai Cassava Industry.1998

Pei, Xiaolin: The Institutional Root of China's Rural Industry and Gradual Reform.1998

Iglesias, Edgar: Welfare, Security and the Level of Fertility: A Global Analysis, 1985 and 1995. 1999

Andersson, Martin: Bending the Kuznets Curve - Wrenching and Levelling Forces during Agricultural Transformation in Taiwan and Chile. 2003

Abdulsomad, Kamaruding: Building Technological Capabilities of Local Auto Parts Firms under Contrasting Industrial Policies: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Thailand 1960-2000. 2003

Carlsson, Ellen: To Have and to Hold: Continuity and change in property rights institutions governing water resources among the Meru of Tanzania and the BaKgatla in Botswana; 1925-2000. 2003

Rytkönen, Paulina: Fruits of Capitalism, Modernisation of Chilean Agriculture 1950-2000. 2004

Green, Erik: Peasant production and limits to labour, Thyolo and Mzimba Districts in Malawi, mid-1930s to late-1970s. 2005

Lindgren, Mattias: Does schooling make sense? A household perspective on the returns to schooling for self-employed, farmers and employees in Egypt. 1995

Abou-Zeinab, Ali: Commercial Banking and Economic Development The Lebanese Experience 1856-1974. 2006

Jönsson, Per Ingvar: Chaebolföretagen - en "omöjlig" konfiguration i den sydkoreanska industrialiseringsprocessen. 2006

Nguyen Forsberg, Thi Le Thanh: Defining strong ownership: Institutional Determinants and Stakeholder Interests in Vietnamese Development Planning. 2007

Gustafsson, Fredrik: The Visible Palm: Market Failures, Industrial Policy and the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry. 2007

Örnberg, Lena: Bondens val: System, samspel och stödjande strukturer under moderniseringsprocessen i norra Thailand. 2008

Axelsson, Tobias: Peasants and Policymakers, Agricultural transformation in Java under Suharto. 2008

Faran, Turaj: The Industrialization process in The Chinese Mirror: Continuity and change in transition from collective agriculture to market economy in China. 2012

Palacio, Andrés: Mind the gap, Inequalities in infant and child mortality: the case of Colombia, 1967-2010. 2013

Lopez Jerez, Montserrat: Deltas Apart - Factor Endowments, Colonial Extraction and Pathways of Agricultural Development in Vietnam. 2014



Nurul Alam, Mohammed: Financing of Small and Cottage Industries in Bangladesh by Islamic Banks: An Institutional-Network Approach. 2002



Gössling, Stefan: Tourism, Ecosystem Functions, and Human-Environmental Relations. 2000

Ouis, Pernilla: Power, Person, and Place: Tradition, Modernity, and Environment in the United Arab Emirates. 2002

Singh, Simron Jit: In the Sea of Influence: A World System Perspective of the Nicobar Islands. 2003

Borgström Hansson, Carina: Misplaced Concreteness and Concrete Places: Critical Analyses of Divergent Discourses on Sustainability. 2003

Nordlund, Carl: Social Ecography: International Trade, Network Analysis and an Emmanuelian Conceptualization of Ecological Unequal Exchange. 2010

Hermele, Kenneth: Land Matters: Agrofuels, Unequal Exchange, and Appropriation of Ecological Space. 2012

Malm, Andreas: Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam-Power in the British Cotton Industry, c. 1825-1848, and the Roots of Global Warming. 2014


Kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Ljungner, Erik: Nahuel Huapi : ein geographischer Querschnitt durch die Anden in Patagonien. 1959

Eldblom, Lars: Structure foncière, organisation et structure sociale. 1968

Guerrero, Raul Nino: Rural to urban drift of the unemployed in Colombia. 1975

Gyllström, Björn: The organization of production as a space-modelling mechanism in underdeveloped countries. 1977

Carlstein, Tommy: Time resources, society and ecology: on the capacity for human interaction in space and time in preindustrial societies. 1980

Rundquist, Franz-Michael: Hybrid maize diffusion in Kenya: policies, diffusion patterns and consequences. 1984

Yadeta, Girma: Dynamic processes of development in marginal areas: a case study from the Pokot of North West Kenya. 1985

Sporrek, Anders: Food marketing and urban growth in Dar es Salaam. 1985

Uitto, Juha: The Kenyan conundrum: a regional analysis of population growth and primary education in Kenya. 1989

Guillén, Irma: Cuidad Guayana – en stad, två världar: en studie av ett regionalt utvecklingsprojekts lokala effekter. 1991

Holmén, Hans: Building organizations for rural development: state and cooperatives in Egypt. 1991

da Cruz, José: Disaster and society : the 1985 Mexican earthquakes. 1993

Jirström, Magnus: In the wake of the green revolution: environmental and socio-economic consequences of intensive rice agriculture – the problem of weeds in Muda, Malaysia. 1996

Hillbur, Per: The knowledge arena: approaching agroforestry and competing knowledge systems – a challenge for agricultural extension. 1998

Hannan-Andersson, Carolyn: Promoting equality between women and men in bilateral development cooperation: concepts, goals, rationales and institutional arrangements. 2000

Louw, Olivia: Exploring the culture of non-payment in the post-apartheid South Africa. 2003

Fernández, Sandra C.: Farewell to the peasantry?: (Post)modernising rural Mexico: the case of the ejido peasants in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 2004

P. Leskó, Andrés: To own the phone: spatial diffusion, ownership and regulation of telephone service in Argentina, 1878-1990. 2004

Lekunze, Ransom: Corporate social responsibility and development: the case of the Chad Cameroon Oil Pipeline Project. 2007

Mohamed-Mahmood, Yahia: Chinese development assistance and West African agriculture: a shifting approach to foreign aid? 2007

Andrea Nardi, Maria: Rural development and territorial dynamics in the province of Misiones, Argentina. 2011

Munyuki-Hungwe, Mabel Ndakaripa: In search of ‘community’ in Zimbabwe's fast track resettlement area of Mazowe district. 2011

Bergman Lodin, Johanna: Engendered promises, gendered challenges. Changing patterns of labor, control and benefits among smallholder households growing NERICA in Uganda. 2012



Metuge, S Enone: An Input-Output Study of the Structure and Resource Use in the Cameroon Economy. 1976

Lundahl, Mats: Peasants and Poverty. A Study of Haiti. 1979

Ndlela, Daniel Boda: Dualism in the Rhodesian Colonial Economy. 1981

Alberts, Tom: Agrarian Reform and Rural Poverty: A Case Study of Peru. 1981

Kanafani, Noman: Oil and Development. A Case Study of Iraq. 1982

Vedovati, Claudio: Politics, Foreign Trade and Economic Development in the Dominican Republic. 1985

Ödegaard, Knut: Cash Crop versus Food Crop Production in Tanzania: An Assessment of the Major Post-Colonial Trends. 1985

Vargas-Lundius, Rosemary: Peasants in Distress. Poverty and Unemployment in the Dominican Republic. 1989

Kazarian, Elias: Finance and Economic Development: Islamic Banking in Egypt. 1991

Danielsson, Anders: Public Sector Expansion and Economic Development. The

Sources and Consequences ofDevelopment Finance in Jamaica 1962-84. 1991

Hangali Maje, Evelyne: Monetization, Financial Development and the Demand for Money. 1992

Mndeme Musonda, Flora: Development Strategy and Manufactured Exports in Tanzanía. 1992

Hellvin, Lisbeth: Trade and Specialization in Asia. 1994

Falck, Hans: Aid and Economic Performance - The Case of Tanzania.1997

Nilsson, Lars: Essays on North-South Trade. 1997

Nilsson, Kristian: Essays on Exchange Rates, Exports and Growth in Developing Countries. 1998

Torstensson, Rasha M: Empirical Studies in Trade, Integration and Growth. 1999

Olofsdotter, Karin: Market Structure and Integration: Essays on Trade,

Specialisation and Foreign Direct Investment. 1999

Gullstrand, Joakim: Splitting and Measuring Intra-Industry Trade. 2002

Hindman Persson, Therése: Economic Analyses of Drinking Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries. 2002

Johansson, Helena: International Competition, Productivity and Regional Spillovers. 2003

Pira, Lars: Staples, Institutions and Growth: Competitiveness of Guatemalan Exports 1524-1945. 2003

Hjortsberg, Catharina: Health care utilisation in a developing country -The case of Zambia. 2004

Ekman, Björn: Essays on International Health Economics: The Role of

Health Insurance in Health Care Financing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. 2005

Söderling, Ludvig: Essays on African Growth, Productivity, and Trade. 2005

Wilhelmsson, Fredrik: Trade, Competition and Productivity. 2006

Naranhuu, Bolor: Studies on Poverty in Mongolia. 2007

Jonasson, Erik: Labor Markets in Transformation: Case Studies of Latin America. 2009

Nilsson, Therese: Inequality, Globalization and Health. 2009



Magano Amukugo, Elizabeth: Education and Politics in Namibia. Past Trends and Future Prospects.1993

Ohlin, Christer: Special education in Oman. Primary school teachers’ perception of children with learning disabilities. 1995

Vergara, Maria: Silence, Order, Obedience and Discipline. The educational discourse of the Argentinean Military Regime (1976 -1983). 1997

Dash, Ingrid: Flexibility in knowing school mathematics in the contexts of a Swedish and an Indian school class. 2009



Akalu, Aster: The Process of Land Nationalization in Ethiopia. Land Nationalization and the Peasants. 1982

Bartolomei, Maria Luisa: Gross and massive violations of human rights in Argentina: 1976-1983: an analysis of the procedure under ECOSOC resolution 1503. 1991

Gutto B.O Shadrack: Human and Peoples Rights for the Oppressed, Critical Essays on Theory and Practice from Sociology of Law Perspectives. 1993



Hydén, Anders: Passage to India: An Anthropological Study of Discipleship and Transcendence in the Bhagwan Movement. 1991

Bergendorff, Steen: Faingu City: A Modern Mekeo Clan in Papua New Guinea. 1996

Pérez-Arias, Enrique: Mellan det förflutna och framtiden: Den sandinistiska revolutionen i Nicaragua. 1997

Karlsson, B.G.: Contested Belonging: An Indigenous People’s Struggle for Forest and Identity in Sub-Himalayan Bengal. 1997

Gooch, Pernille: At the Tail of the Buffalo: Van Gujjar Pastoralists between the Forest and the World Arena. 1998

Persson, Johnny: Sagali and the Kula: A Regional Systems Analysis of the Massim. 1999

Malm, Thomas: Shell Age Economics: Marine Gathering in the Kingdom of Tonga, Polynesia. 1999

Johansson Dahre, Ulf: Det förgångna är framtiden: Ursprungsfolk och politiskt självbestämmande i Hawai’i. 2001

Mattsson, Anna: The Power to do good: Post-revolution, NGO society and the emergence of NGO elites in contemporary Nicaragua. 2007

Hedlund, Anna:  Exile Warriors: Violence and Community among Hutu Rebels in the Eastern Congo. 2014



Ogionwo, William W.: Agricultural Modernisation. The adoption of Agricultural Innovations among Cocoa Oil Farmers, Rice and Rubber Farmers in Southern Nigeria. 1969 (Old Licentiate)

Nwabachili, Chudi C: Education in Nigeria. A study of attitudes towards 'Modern Education'. 1970 (Old Licentiate)

Khalaf, Alhadi: Socio-Economic Changes and their Impact on Inter-ethnic Relations in Bahrain. 1972 (Old Licentiate)

Chibogu, Ndidi: The Institutional Process of the Approved Schools in Southern Nigeria and Sweden.1975

Djurfeldt, Göran and Staffan Lindberg: Behind Poverty: The Social Formation in a Tamil Villa¬ge. 1975

Djurfeldt, Göran and Staffan Lindberg: Pills against Poverty - the introduction of Western medicin¬e in a Tamil village. 1975

Andersson, Christian: Peasant or Proletarian? Wage labour and peasant economy during industrialization. The Algerian experience.1985

Naur, Maja: Political Mobilization and Industry in Libya. 1986

Mbuende, Kaire: Namibia - the broken shield. Anatomy of imperialism and revolution. 1986

Kayongo, Kabunda: Reciprocity and Interdependence: The rise and Fall of the Kololo Empire in Southern Africa in the 19th Century. 1987

Ahanmisi, Osholayemi: Strength in Weakness. Bini Women in Affinal Relations. 1992

Sverrisson, Árni: Evolutionary Technical Change and Flexible Mechanization. Entrepreneurship and Industrialization in Kenya and Zimbabwe. 1993

Lema, Antoine: Africa Divided. The Creation of "Ethnic Groups". 1993

Mulinari, Diana: Motherwork and Politics in Revolutionary Nicaragua. 1995

Madsen, Stig Toft: State, Society and Human Rights in South Asia. 1996

Pekkola, Sari: Magic Flutes. Music Culture and Music Groups in a Changing Bolivia. 1996

Neergaard, Anders: Grasping the Peripheral State. A Historical Sociology of Nicaraguan State Formation. 1997

Jannisa, Gudmund: The Crocodile’s Tears. East Timor in the Making. 1997

Naranjo, Eduardo: Den Auktoritära Staten och Ekonomisk Utveckling i Chile. Jordbruket under militärregimen 1973-1981. (The Authoritarian State and Economic Development in Chile: Agriculture under the Military Regime, 1973-1981.) 1997

Wangel, Arne: Safety Politics and Risk Perceptions in Malaysian Industry. 1997

Abebe Kebede, Teketel: ‘Tenants of the State’ The limitations of revolutionary agrarian transformation in Ethiopia, 1974-1991. 1998

Cuadra-Burgueno, Sergio: Mapuchefolket: i gärnsernas land. 2001

S. Kamara, Fouday: Economic and Social Crises in Sierra Leone. The role of small scale entreperneurs in Petty Trading as a strategy for survival 1960-1996. 2001

Larsson, Rolf: Between Crisis and Opportunity. Livelihoods, Diversification, and Inequality among the Meru of Tanzania. 2001

Kindblad, Christopher: Gift and Exchange in the Reciprocal Regime of the Miskito on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, 20th Century. 2001

Copes, Adriana: Entering Modernity: The Marginalisation of the Poor in the Developing Countries. An Account of Theoretical Perspectives from the 1940's to the 1980's. 2002

Gregersen, Peter: Making the Most of It? Understanding the social and productive dynamics of small farmers in semi-arid Iringa, Tanzania. 2003

Arvidsson, Malin: Demanding Values. Participation, empowerment, and NGOs in Bangladesh. 2003

Winsvold, Aina: När arbeidende barn mobiliserer seg. En studie av tre unioner i Karnataka, India. 2004

Fredholm, Axel: Beyond the Catchwords. Adjustment and Community Response to Participatory Development in Post-Suharto Indonesia. 2008

Frödin, Olle: Synergies, Stalemates and Social Dilemmas. Governance in South Africa in Comparative Perspective. 2008

Eklund, Lisa: Rethinking Son Preference – Gender, Population Dynamics and Social Change in the People’s Republic of China. 2011

Rahman, Mashiur: Struggling Against Exclusion - Adibasi in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. 2011

Sandberg, Johan: Social Policy of Our Time? An Inquiry into Evidence, Assumptions, and Diffusion of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America. 2014



Hydén, Göran: TANU Yajenga Nchi. Political Development in Rural Tanzania. 1968

Lindquist, Stellan: Linkages between Domestic and Foreign Policy: The Record of Ghana. 1974

Forje, John: The One and Indivisible Cameroon: Political Integration and Socio-Economic Development in a Fragmented Society.1981

Adebo, Tarekegn: Ideological Trends in the Political Thinking of the Developing Regions: The Case of Sub Saharan Africa. 1982

Tita-Ghebdinga, Legala: African and O.A.U. Diplomacy on Dual Paradigms of Self-Determination 1945-1985.1993

Uhlin, Anders: Democracy and Diffusion. Transnational Lesson-Drawing among Indonesian Pro-Democracy Actors.1995

Kinnvall, Catarina: Cultural Diffusion and Political Learning. The Democratization of China.1995

Sendabo, Teferi: Foreign Aid and State Sovereignty: The Ethio-Swedish Aid Co-operation. 1996

Badom, Ted Gogote: Foreign Intervention in Internal Wars. 1997

Sönne, Maria: Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Invest¬ment in China – The Case of Shenzhen. 1999

Jönsson, Kristina: Translating Foreign Ideas into Domestic Practices. Pharmaceutical Policies in Laos and Vietnam. 2002

Boussard, Caroline: Crafting Democracy. Civil Society in Post-Transition Honduras. 2003

Lindberg, Staffan I: The Power of Elections – Democratic Participation, Competition and Legitimacy in Africa. 2004

Bexell, Magdalena: Exploring Responsibility. Public and Private in Human Rights Protection. 2005

Rindefjäll, Teresia: Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box. Citizen Partici¬pation and Social Rights in Post-Transition Chile. 2005

Alasfoor, Reyadh: The Gulf Cooperation Council: Achievements and Challenges. A Political Analysis to the Study of Regional Integration of the GCC States. 2007

Kalm, Sara: Governing Global Migration. 2008

Uçarlar, Nesrin: Between Majority Power and Minority Resistance: Kurdish Linguistic Rights in Turkey. 2009

Wahman, Michael: Uniting Against Autocrats. 2012