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Avhandlingar i psykologi t.o.m. 2014

Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

Kragh, Ulf: The actual-genetic model of perception-personality : an experimental study with non-clinical and clinical groups (1955)

Borg, Gunnar: Physical performance and perceived exertion (1962)

Ingvar Bokander: Stereoscopically induced perceptual conflict between facial photographs : a discussion and summary of results (1968)

Lennerlöf, Lennart: Supervision: situation, individual, behavior, effect. (1969)

Alf Andersson: Personality as reflected in adaptive regulation of visual aftereffect perception (1970)

Mats Nyström: The development of stimulus preferences in the packing behaviour of young herring gulla (1970)

Göran Ekvall: Creativity at the place of work : a study of suggestors and suggestion systems in the Swedish mechanical industry (1971)

Nilsson, Alf: Motion stimulation effects viewed within an intrapersonal system of adaptive levels (1972)

Sjöbäck, Hans: The psychoanalytic theory of defensive processes : a critical survey  (1972)

Risberg, Jarl: Mental functions studied with multi-regional measurements of the cerebral circulation   (1973)

Renée Garfinkel: The learning of children at high risk for schizophrenia (1975)

Curt R Johansson: Mental and perceptual performance in heat : heat induced performance changes and their relation to physiological strain, thermal sensation, ability and personality factors (1975)

Holger Klintman: Cognitive interference in reaction time experiments (1975)

Karl Radeborg: Minne för form som en funktion av interpolerad stimulering  (1976)

Bert Westerlundh: Aggression, anxiety and defence : essays on the experimental testing of psychoanalytic propositions by the percept-genetic (DMT) technique  (1976)

Henrik Jonsson: Studies in G analysis as applied to problems of classification in clinical psychology and psychiatry  (1976)

Vijai Sharma: Application of a percept-genetic test in a clinical setting (1977)

Leif Rune Hedman: Transient changes of waveform of event-related cerebral potentials in man duing selective listening  (1978)

Jan Hellberg: Behavioral variations caused by methyl mercury exposure: the construction of a diagnostic instrument  (1978)

Nils Wiklund: The Icarus complex: studies of an alleged relationship between fascination for fire, enuresis, high ambition, and ascensionism (1978)

Sven Birger Hansson: Notes on ethological methods (1978)

Bo Hagberg: Cognitive impairment and personality change in relation to brain dysfunction (1978)

Gunnar Windahl: Experimental research in psychoanalysis: subliminal influences upon dreams (1978)

Marianne Jeffmar: Ways of cognitive action: a model of creative and intelligent functioning (1978)

Karin Aronsson: Language concepts and children's classification strategies (1978)

Judith Wallerstein: Psychological responses of children and adolescents to divorce: findings from the first stage of a five-year longitudinal study in northern California (1978)

Thomas Neuman: Dimensionering och validering av percept-genesens försvarsmekanismer : en hierarkisk analys mot pilotens stressbeteende  [Dimensioning and validation of the percept-genetic defense mechanisms] : [a hierarchical analysis of behaviour of pilots under stress] (1978)

Jan-Olof Mattsson: Kognitiva funktioner vid trafikledning (1979)

Jitka Lindén: Differential and developmental aspects of object-perception (1979)

Itzhak Pinhassi: Group induced shift, extremity of judgment and perceived influence in a judicial context : relationship to age, sex, education level, rigidity and dogmatism (1979)

Alexander Maximilian: Functional changes in the cortex during mental activation: applications of regional cerebral blood flow measurements in neuropsychological research  (1980)

Peter Lundmark: Kognitiv stil som uttryck för primärprocess- och sekundärprocesstänkande (1980)

Isak Prohovnik: Mapping brainwork : theoretical and methodological considerations in applying the regional cerebral blood flow method to neuropsychology (1981)

Murti Maini: Explorations in the psychology of the research process (1981)

Hans Bengtsson: The regulation of approach and preference behaviour in young precocial birds (1981)

Roger Sages: Perceptual determinants of choice behaviour : a comparative analysis of the systems underlying preferences in the neonatal chicks (1982)

Erella Adler: Mother-image perception in normal and disturbed boys of western and oriental background at differing personality levels (1982)

Margot Bengtsson: Föräldraidentifikation hos kvinnliga naturvetare och humanister: utvecklingspsykologiska, differentiella och socialpsykologiska aspekter [Parental identification on the part of women studying natural sciences or the arts] : [developmental, differential and social psychology aspects] (1983)

Mats Alvesson: Organisationsteori och teknokratiskt medvetande: en kritisk studie om rationalitet, ideologi och förutsättningarna för arbetslivets humanisering (1983)

Gardar Viborg: Studies in the development of social-behavior understanding (1984)

Marie Sjöberg: På bräcklig is : studium av livsfilosofin hos några konstnärer, konstbeskådare och konstoengagerade (1984)

Gunvor Andersson: Små barn på barnhem (1984)

Pirjo Birgerstam: Identitetsutveckling hos barn : en jämförelse mellan finska, jugoslaviska och svenska barn (1984)

Tomas Videgård: The success and failure of primal therapy : 32 patients treated at the Primal Institute (Janov) viewed in the perspective of object relations theory (1984)

Thomas Teasdale: Familial influences in social class, educational level and intelligence (1985)

Carla Elliott: Application of the repertory grid model to the study of the psychoanalytic concept of sublimation (1985)

James Watzke: Adjustment, environment, and aging : method development and psychological assessment of retired persons in five living areas in southern Sweden (1986)

Valdimar Briem: Behaviour observation : theory and application in psychological research (1987)

Sven Ingmar Andersson: Perspectives on eye-tracking : electro-oculographic studies of psychotic patients and alcohol abusers (1987)

Bernard Meyerson: The abuse of power : an investigation of three factors in its development (1987)

Marcelo Rivano-Fisher: Nonverbal behavior in interpersonal situations (1988)

Kjell Hansson: Familjediagnostik (1989)

Stefan Hagstadius: Brain function and dysfunction : regional cerebral blood flow correlates of mental activity studied in healthy subjects and patients with toxic encephalopathy (1989)

Andrejs Ozolins: Defence patterns and non-communicative body movements (1989)

Per Johnsson: Anorexia nervosa och bulimia nervosa: självbild, försvar och differentiering. (1990)

Georg Stenberg: Brain and personality : extraversion/introversion and associated traits in relation to EEG, evoked potentials and regional cerebral blood flow (1990)

Marianne Philips: Dialog och uppslutning : arbetsorganisatorisk förnyelse i industriarbete(1990)

Maria Nodström: Barns boendeföreställningar i ett utvecklingspsykologiskt perspektiv. (1990)

Mats Fridell: Kvalitetsstyrning i psykiatrisk narkomanvård : effekter på personal och patienter (1990)

Siegbert Warkentin: Brain dysfunction in psychosis : regional cerebral blood flow correlates of psychotic episodes in schizophrenia and cycloid psychosis (1991)

Aki Johansson: Neuropsychological studies of dementia and anxiety : relations between psychological and neurophysiological aspects of cognition and emotional adaptation in patients with organic dementia and anxiety neurosis  (1991)

Ami Spigelman och Gabriella Spigelman: Effects of parental divorce on children's personality development  (1991)

Yvonne Terjestam: Pregnancy and abortion : psychodynamic correlates of the woman's experience of elective early termination of her pregnancy  (1991)

Carlsson, Ingegerd The creative personality : hemispheric variation and sex differences in defence mechanisms related to creativity (1992)

Lindahl, Eirikur: Psychological aspects of low back pain (1992)

Lindgren, May: Neuropsychological studies of patients with organic solvent induced chronic toxic encephalopathy : prognosis - personality characteristics - rehabilitation (1992)

Ryde-Brandt, Brita: Distress defense and support : reactions in mothers of children with different disabilities (1992)

Lilja, Åsa:Psychoneurooncology : psychological dynamics in glioma patients (1992)

Rendahl, Jan-Erik:Arbetets drivkrafter : existentiellt värde och auktoritetsorientering : två dimensioner som belyser arbetets mening för de anställda i kriminalvården (1992)

Berg Broden, Margareta:Psykoterapeutiska interventioner under spädbarnsperioden : det empiriska underlaget för boken "Mor och barn i ingenmansland” (1992)

Stjernqvist, Karin: Extremely low birth weight infants : development, behaviour and impact on the family (1992)

Linge , Lotta: Humor och barn : utvecklingspsykologiska aspekter på humorns funktion   (1993)

Apitzsch, Erwin och Berggren, Bengt:The personality of the elite soccer player (1993)

Benson III, Lehman: Studies in human decision making : on the effects of experimental instructions, framing and time constraints (1993)

Häggström, Björn:Psykodynamisk teori : om känslan får ersätta driften : ansats till en helhetssyn på studiet av människan (1994)

Svensson, Bengt och Trygg, Lars: Personlighet, olycksbenägenhet i trafiken och yrkesanpassning : tre perceptgenetiska studier  (1994)

Gudmundsson, Einar:Parents' perceptions of their children's development : reliability, validity and accuracy of parents' verbal and motor developmental estimates (1994)

Benthorn, Lars: On post-decision processes (1994)

Persson, Bertil: Migrän : genetiskt inflytande : uppväxtförhållanden och personlighet i migränfamiljen

Bäckström, Martin: The defence mechanism test at a turning point (1994)

Törnqvist, Claes:Berättelser om ruset : alkoholens mening för tjugoåringar (1995)

Lundqvist, Thomas:Cognitive dysfunctions in chronic cannabis users observed during treatment : an integrative approach (1995)

Graae, Elisabeth: Neurodevelopmental aspects of schizophrenia (1995)

Laike, Thorbjörn:The impact of home environment and daycare environment on children's emotional behavior (1995)

Palmquist, Dan A: A study of critical variables in the anxiety of schizophrenics by means of a structured clinical interview and a percept-genetic experiment (1996)

Eklund, Mona: Occupational group therapy in a psychiatric day care unit for long-term mentally ill patients : ward atmosphere, treatment process, and outcome (1996)

Ryhammar, Lars: Kreativ funktion, perceptgenetisk rekonstruktion och organisatoriska förutsättningar för kreativ verksamhet : en studie av högskolelärare (1996)

Stenström, Ulf: Psychosocial factors and metabolic control in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (1997)

Karlson, Björn: Psychological and medical well-being and their relation in adults with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (1997)

Johnson, Urban: The long-term injured competitive athlete : a study of psychosocial risk factors (1997)

Amnér, Gunilla: Fear of flying in civil airline passengers : a manifold phenomenon with various motivational roots (1997)

Forsberg, Christer: Den ekonomiska synpunkten : ett försvar av det psykiska energibegreppet, dess plats i teori och praktik. (1997)

Elfgren, Christina: Aspects of frontal and medial temporal brain functions : neuropsychological and functional imaging studies in normals and in frontotemporal dementia (1997)

Irhammar, Malin: Att utforska sitt ursprung : identitetsformande under adolescensen hos utlandsfödda adopterade : betydelsen av biologiskt och etniskt ursprung (1997)

Torkelson, Eva: Expert- och deltagarperspektiv på stress hos scenartister (1997)

Wendt, Peter: Variations in functional lateralization (1998)

Jacobson, Christer: Reading development and reading disability : analyses of eye-movements and word recognition (1998)

Harlacher, Uwe: "Elöverkänslighet" : en förklaringsmodell, några karakteristika hos drabbade och effekten av psykologisk behandling med kognitiv-beteendeterapeutiska metoder (1998)

Drejhammar, Inga-Britt: Organisationsutveckling och jämställdhet: en studie i tre företag (1998) 

Lindén, Gunilla: Att bli fosterbarn i tonåren : om frigörelsen från internaliserade föräldraobjekt  (1998)

Nagy, Edit: Working in underground offices  (1998)

Bergström, Marie: Tre verkligheter : kvinnor i olika stadier av narkotikamissbruk : en socialpsykologisk studie  (1998)

Ardeberg, Margareta: Personality, health and mortality of workers in a PVC production plant in Sweden : a longitudinal study (1999)

Lindgren, Magnus: Applications of event-related potentials in the study of attention (1999)

Sallmén, Björn: Compulsory treatment of alcoholics : psychiatric comorbidity, psychological characteristics, coercive experiences and outcome (1999)

Muhonen, Tuija: Kvinnor, karriär och familj : en studie om chefer i fyra olika branscher (1999)

Eisele, Per: Decision making in groups : group membership effects on post-decision processes (1999)

Rennemark, Mikael: Wellbeing in old age : life history evaluations, sense of coherence and social networks in relation to health (1999)

Wirsén Meurling, Ann: 'Personality in action' : strategy measurement in computerized neuropsychological tests  (1999)

Kristal Andersson, Binnie: Psychology of the refugee, the immigrant and their children : development of conceptual framework and application to psychotherapeutic and related support work (2000)

Björklund, Fredrik: Moral cognition : individual differences, intuition and reasoning in moral judgement (2000)

Salo, Ilkka: A psychological process approach to decision making : post-decision restructuring of value conflicts (2000)

Jensen, Jimmy: Dyslexia among adults : neuropsychology and personality (2000)

Lundqvist Persson, Cristina: The Newborn Infant, capable and vulnerable An interactional perspective (2000)

Wallenius, Claes: Human adaptation to danger (2001)

Dackert, Ingrid: Integration and creative experiences after a merger of two organizations within the Social Insurance Service : a longitudinal group perspective (2001)

Tideman, Eva: Children born preterm : a 19-year perspective (2001)

Olsson, Thomas: TA i missbruksarbete - Transaktionsanalytisk psykoterapi som behandlingsmetod för drogmissbrukare i miljöterapeutisk vård (2001)

Liljegren, Britta: Samspel för förändring. En konsultationsmodell för arbete med elever i svårigheter (2001)

André-Petersson, Lena: Cognitive function and cardiovascular disease in relation to hypertension and adaptive behavior in the serial Color Word Test. Results from population study "Men born in 1914" in Malmö, Sweden. (2001)

Larsson, Magnus: Organiserande av stöd och service till barn med funktionshinder. Om projektnät, språkliga förpackningar och institutionella paradoxer (2001)

Österberg, Kai: Psychological methods for the assessment of chronic toxic encephalopathy and multiple chemical sensitivity (2001)

Persson, Roger: Trait anxiety as a determinant of psychological test results (2002)

Rohner, Jean-Christophe: Biases in Visual Selective Attention. Trait Anxious Individuals Avert Their Gaze From Unpleasant Stimuli (2002)

Lindblom, Lotten: To See or Not to See a Sexually Abused Child in a Picture (2002)

Ragneklint, Robert: Man kan bli bättre om man vet vad bättre är!". En studie kring effektivitetsbegreppet som en samhällelig grundbult (2002)

McCamish, Cheryl: The Components of Well-Being Among Older Persons: A Longitudinal Perspective (2002)

Wiking, Susanne: On the Value of Pictures in Verbal Cognition (2002)

Dahl, Mats: Processing Asymmetries of Emotionally Valenced Stimuli (2002)

Holmberg, Robert: Organiserande och kvalitetsutveckling : om sönderfall, upprätthållande och begripliggörande i arbetslivet (2002)

Sonnby-Borgström, Marianne: Between Ourselves. Automatic mimicry reactions as related to empathic ability and patterns of attachment (2002)

Johansson, Mikael: Memory Illusions and Memory Attributions - Behavioural and Electrophysiological Data (2002)

Linander, Carina: En för alla, alla för en : sjuksköterskors och ingenjörers syn på ledarskap : en enkät och repertory grid studie sista terminen i utbildning och efter ett till ett och halvt år i arbete (2002)

Lament, Claudia: The affects towards and perceptions of the self and significant others in hemophiliacs and diabetics (2002)

Montgomery, Edward: Drogval, kön och personlighet. En perceptgenetisk undersökning av narkomaner (2002)

Berggren, Anders: Undercover Operations in No-women's Land. The Swedish Armed Forces through a Gender Lens. (2002)

Hagberg, Anders: Att vara en helhet i ett sammanhang - gestaltning av mening och värde i ålderdomen (2002)

Stenlund, Gunvor: Psykodynamisk korttidsterapi. En intensivstudie av samspel, förändring och utfall (2002)

Viberg, Margareta och Viberg, Lennart: The Teddy Bear in Psychology. A prospective study with focus on children´s use of transitional objects. (2003)

Hoff, Eva: The creative world of middle childhood: Creativity, imagination, and self-image from qualitative and quantitative perspectives (2003)

Sand, Åsa: Nursing-Related Qualities, Personality and Work Satisfaction - Assistant Nurses in a Ten-Year Perspective (2003)

Jansson, Jan-Åke: Perceived Self-image, Intellectual Ability, Frontal Lobe Function, and Perceived Ward Atmosphere among Patients with Psychosis (2003)

Riddersporre, Bim: Att möta det oväntade : tidigt föräldraskap till barn med Downs syndrom (2003)

Ahltorp, Birgitta: Ledarskap ur ett ledningsstilsperspektiv : teambyggare, innovatörer, nätverkare och dirigenter (2003)

Persson, Bengt: Treatment Evaluation and Screening of Autism (2003)

Persson, Gun: Preschoolers' peer competence : developmental perspectives on prosocial behavior, aggression, and social cognition (2004)

Karlsson, Kent: Psychosocial illness. Community, primary health care and individual perspectives (2004)

Hansson, Jan-Åke: Determinant Factors for Memory Performance in Human Aging: A Study of Environmental, Person-Based, and Non-Cognitive Predictors Contributing to Memory Performance in old Adults (2004)

Johansson, Marcus: Realism in metacognitive judgments: Effects of social factors (2004)

Rydén, Birgitta: När kvinnor och män får barn. Ett psykologiskt och könsspecifikt betraktande av psykisk hälsa och ohälsa. (2004)

Jonsson, Anna-Carin: Metacognition and Confidence: Mood, Individual Differences, Developmental and Social Aspects (2005)

Jönsson, Peter: Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Emotion: Effects of pictorial stimuli and state anxiety (2005)

Alm, Per: On the Causal Mechanisms of Stuttering (2005)

Jönsson, Sandra: Client work, job satisfaction and work environment aspects in human service organizations (2005)

Aupée, Anne-Mari: Effect of Normal Aging on Emotional Processing and Impact of Emotion on Memory: Psychophysiological and Cognitive Findings (2006)

Perrin-Wahlqvist, Renée: The Prometheus Complex - Striving for competence (2006)

Johansson, Håkan: Therapeutic Alliance in General Psychiatric Care (2006)

Eriksson, Martin: Our Selves in the Future: New Angles on Possible Selves (2006)

Swalander, Lena: Reading achievement: Its relation to home literacy, self-regulation, academic self-concept, and goal orientation in children and adolescents (2006)

Wanek, Birgitta: Computer use @ work. Psychosocial work environment and attitudes toward computers from a work content perspective (2006)

Arvidsson, Marcus: Organizational Psychology and Safety Culture in Air Traffic Control: Concerning Organizational Climate, Situational Leadership and Psychosocial Work Environment (2006)

Dautovic Bergh, Cecilia: Neuropsychological Function After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (2007)

Gustle, Lars-Henry: Implementering och korttidsuppföljning av multisystematisk terapi : En svensk randomiserad multicenterstudie angående Multisystemisk terapi (2007)

Larsson, Magnus R: Perspectives of anxiety in stressful environments Prospective studies in real-life settings (2007)

Rasulzada, Farida: Organizational creativity and psychological well-being - contextual aspects on organizational creativity and psychological well-being from an open systems perspective (2007)

Ingesson, Gunnel: Growing up with Dyslexia: Cognitive and Psychosocial Impact, and Salutogenic Factors (2007)

Aleman, Kristian: Psychoanalytic Conceptions of the Mind in Drug Abusers: Methods Exploring Personality Disorders, Traits, and Defense Mechanisms (2007)

Gustafsson, Una: Why Women Ask for Less Salary than Men: Mediation of Stereotype Threat in Salary Negotiations (2008)

Lundsten, Jonas: The motive to Care About Others: The Actualization of the Public Sector (2008)

Johansson, Tobias: Knowledge Representation, Heuristics, and Awareness in Artificial Grammar Learning (2008)

Levin, Cecilia: Creativity in the School Context (2008)

Ebberline, Jessica:  Child Molesters and Children as Witnesses: Spatial Behaviour, Modus Operandi and Memory Recall (2008)

Federman, Rolf: Development of the Stress Strategy Test as a personnel selection instrument (2008)

Agerström, Jens: Temporal Distance and Morality: Moral Concerns Loom Larger in the Distant Future (2009)

Treese, Anne-Cécile: Memory Distortions Induced by Fluency − Behavioural and Electrophysiological Investigations (2009)

Andersson, Bengt: Berättelser om det kränkta rummet. Processen i det terapeutiska rummet och betydelsen av bemötandeförloppet i återhämtningsprocessen vid allvarliga psykiska svårigheter (2009)

Vestberg, Susanna: Subjective memory complaints. Relations to objective memory function, gender, personality, affective status and stress (2009)

Carlsson, Roger: Neuropsychological Aspects of First-Episode Psychosis - Diagnosis, Course and Outcome (2010)

Jansson, Irené: Femårsuppföljning för tvångsvårdade kvinnor. Inverkan av psykiska problem på utfallet (2010)

Hallin, Anne-Li: Adolescents Born Extremely Preterm. Cognitive, Behavioural and Relational Outcomes (2010)

Terhune, Devin: Dissociation and heterogeneity in high hypnotic suggestibility (2010)

Granér, Simon: Collective Collapse and Performance Contagion in Basketball (2010)

Melén Fäldt, Maria: Förändringskompetens. En studie av anställdas upplevelser av lärande i samband med organisationsförändring (2010)

Bertlett, Johan: An employeeship model and its relation to psychological climate: A study of congruence in the behavior of leaders and followers (2011)

Sarwar, Farhan: Eyewitness testimonies: The memory and meta-memory effects of retellings and discussions with non-witnesses (2011)

Bunke, Sofia: Social support for physical activity among adolescents (2011)

Steij Stålbrand, Ingela: A matter of life and health. Life satisfaction, personality and mortality in two populations of elders (2011)

Fredin, Gunilla: Children As Eyewitnesses: Memory recall and face recognition (2011)

Waldhauser, Gerd: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Correlates of Inhibition in Episodic Memory (2011)

Johnsson, Roland: Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy - Three Methods Describing a Transactional Analysis Group Therapy (2011)

Maddux, Rachel: Depressive Personality Disorder: Construct, measurement, clinical correlates, and treatment outcome (2012)

Jörgensen, Öyvind: In-group bias control (2012)

Knutsson, Jens: Child and Adult Witness Event Memory Reporting and Metamemory Capabilities: Social Aspects and Legal Professionals’ Opinions (2012)

Österberg, Peter: Generative learning management - a dual-role model for creativity in organizations (2012)

Nilsson, Jan-Erik: Experimental studies of components in the treatment for social anxiety disorder (2012)

Wolgast, Martin: Acceptance and Cognitive Restructuring - analyses and comparisons from an emotion regulation perspective (2012)

Bjärehed, Jonas: Characteristics of Self-Injury in Young Adolescents: Findings from Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Studies in Swedish Schools (2012)

Mårtensson, Johan: Regimented language training. Changes to brain and behaviour following intensive non-native language learning (2012)

Liljefors, Richard: Altering the Point of You - Perspectives on Intersubjectivity and Metacognition (2012)

Rosander, Pia: The importance of personality, IQ and learning approaches: Predicting academic performance (2013)

Carlsson, Richard: Warmth and competence in implicit stereotypes and discrimination (2013)

Österlind, Marie-Louise: Att gestalta och omgestalta sitt ledarskap: Verksamhetsnära chefer inom kommunal omsorgsverksamhet reflekterar över chefsroll och arbetets innehåll (2013)

Nilsson, Artur: The Psychology of Worldviews: Toward a Non-Reductive Science of Personality (2013)

Johansson, Caroline: Perception of touch - Developmental and personality factors in touch avoidance (2013)

Hellman, Johan: Prior Knowledge and Recognition Memory - a Computational Modeling Approach (2013)