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Qualitative Analysis and Coding (using software)

7.5 credits

Course period: 2 May to 9 June, 2019

Qualitative data can help us to understand the world, build theory, and advance knowledge. But how does qualitative analysis work – how can we systematically organize, process, integrate, and understand qualitative data?

Data Analysis for the Social Sciences

This course provides the opportunity to focus in depth on qualitative analysis in both theory and practice, and prepares students for research at doctoral level. Students will develop the skills necessary to conduct qualitative data analysis individually and in collaboration with others to generate new knowledge about the social world.

Using CAQDAS Software

This course provides students with a range of strategies for qualitative analysis and hands-on practice developing research questions and analytical strategies. Students will learn to code data using CAQDAS software and gain experience carrying out analysis in both individual and collaborative projects. We will focus on validity, reliability, and generalizability, and will consider the particular issues qualitative data present for conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement. We will discuss the strengths and limitations of qualitative data and will practice diverse inductive and deductive strategies for analysis. We will learn how to read manifest and latent content, promote inter-coder reliability, use and handle data ethically, and will develop codebooks and collaborative analyses. 

The course is open to PhD students and master’s students with an interest in qualitative research.

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