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Teaching Quantitative Methods

The aim of the course is to increase the ability of the participants to teach quantitative methods at basic levels in the faculty’s main fields of study.

It is integrated with Introduction to quantitative methodology in the sense that the participants follow this course but study texts on subject-didactic aspects of teaching quantitative methods and statistics in addition to the regular required reading, and reflect on them in relation to experiences from the course.  

The teaching includes lectures, laboratory exercises and a seminar.

See more information in the course syllabus (PDF 43 kB, new window)

Duration of the course

The course period is 25 March to 25 May, 2019 (last seminar 25 April).

The course corresponds to five weeks of full-time working hours. The first three of them represent a professional development course and the last two serve as a continuation course in the Faculty of Social Sciences’ qualifying training in higher education teaching and learning for university teaching staff.  

Participants who already have knowledge of statistical analysis corresponding to the learning outcomes above and recent experience of having participated in or taught courses at the corresponding level have the opportunity to only write the reflection paper. In that case, the course represents two weeks of work and the only learning outcome to be assessed is the fourth one.

Participants who choose the five-week version of the course follow the SIMM16 schedule until 24 April, except for 17 April. In addition, all participants are expected to attend the two seminars on 25 April and 24 May, of which the last one is compulsory.

Course schedule 

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About the course

Language: English

Length: 5 or 2 weeks

Application deadline: 1 February 

Application form (PDF 140 kB, new window)


Course coordinator
Mimmi Maria Barmark
+46 46 222 88 72
mimmi_maria [dot] barmark [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se