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Kickstart to Academic Life: Information Management and Publication Process for Social Scientists

4.5 credits

Course Period: October 16- October 27, 2017

The objective of this course is to provide PhD candidates with generic knowledge (that is, knowledge that is not discipline specific) about how to conduct one’s PhD studies when it comes to the two key domains of information management and publication processes. It is intended to give a kick-start to their Phd studies.

The course is not a course in methodology or theory of science. It is, instead, a course in the practicalities of research that lie outside scientific methods but nevertheless structure the work of producing a PhD thesis. The course combines an introduction to the process of managing one’s need of information as a PhD student, and an introduction to the process of managing the publication of one’s results.

Concerning the process of information management, the course introduces the PhD student to structured information searches combined with the use of reference management software (e.g. Endnote). It also introduces evaluations and bibliometric tools, describing the rationale and roles of these tools in the publication process.

Concerning the process of publishing one’s results, the course introduces the PhD student to the specificities of academic rhetoric in speech and in writing, features the differences between monographs and compilation theses, and provides grounds to design a publication strategy adapted to any of these. It also provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the ethical and stylistic rules of referencing.

The course further introduces PhD students to the grant application process and teaches them to assess if a project should be subjected to a formal ethical review or not, and to plan their future career.

The course is meant to be taken early in the program of PhD studies, preferably no later than the first year.

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