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Faculty PhD courses

Faculty of Social Sciences


Spring 2018

Research Ethics (3 credits)

Qualitative Methods (7.5 credits or 15 credits)

Quantitative Methods, Multivariate Analysis (7.5 credits)

Digital Ethnography (7.5 credits)

Introduction to Quantitative Methods

The course "Introduction to Quantitative Methods"  (7,5 credits) will be offered by Graduate School at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the spring term of 2018. This is a master's level course but it will be open to PhD students as well. You will need to have this course accredited to you by your department. If you wish to apply for this course, please fill in the application on this website and choose the course Introduction to Quantitative Methods. We will contact you later in the spring with a confirmation. More information on this course is available here.

Autumn 2017

Research Ethics (3 credits)  Sep 27- Oct 13, 2017

Kickstart to Academic Life (4,5 credits)  Oct 16- Oct 27, 2017

Philosophy of Science (7,5 credits) Oct. 30, 2017- Jan 14, 2018

Decolonizing Social Sciences (7,5 credits) - Cancelled


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Departmental PhD courses

Relational Sociology, 7.5 credits (Department of Sociology), spring 2018

On Concepts, 7.5 credits (Department of Sociology), autumn 2017

Classical Sociological Theory, 7.5 credits (Department of Sociology & Gothenburg University), autumn 2017

Retail Research Fundamentals, 7.5 credits (Department of Service Management och Service Studies), autumn 2016

Department of Sociology courses in English and Swedish

School of Social Work courses in Swedish


Other PhD courses at Lund University

Critical Management Studies, 7.5 credits (Departement of Business Admininstration), spring 2018

Reflexive and Creative Methodology, 7.5 credits (Departement of Business Admininstration), spring 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility, 7.5 credits (Departement of Business Admininstration), spring 2018

Commercialiaze your research, 7,5 credits (School of Economics and Management), spring 2018

New Public Management, 7.5 credits (Department of Business Admininstration), spring 2018

Classics in Entrepreneurship Research, 7,5 credits (School of Economics and Management), spring 2017


Application instructions PhD Spring courses

In order to apply for the Faculty PhD courses, please complete this form.

Please discuss these courses with your supervisor before completing the form.

The last day to apply for courses beginning in Spring 2018 is one week before the courses start, though a place will not be guarenteed.


If the number of applicants exceeds available places, applicants are prioritised as follows:

  1. Doctoral students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University
  2. Doctoral students from other faculties at Lund University
  3. External doctoral students

Please note: Applicants from other faculties at LU and universities are required to pay a fee. The only exception is the course on Research Ethics, which is free for students from the School of Economics. The current fee is 8500 SEK for each PhD course offered by the Faculty, and you will be asked to provide a reference number for billing purposes.

What happens next?

An email will be sent out to those who signed up and are eligible for the course around 6 weeks before the course begins, asking you to confirm your participation. A welcome letter including schedule, reading list, syllabus as well as any other information or tasks that the teacher wishes to include will then be sent to students accepted to the course 4 weeks before the course begins. Please inform the course administrator as soon as possible if you are no longer planning on taking the course as there might be other students on the reserve list.