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Election to nominating committee 2015

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty is to elect its nominating committee for the term 2015-03-01 – 2018-02-28.

Please note that this election will be conducted at the same time as the election of members of the Electoral College, which will be prepared by the current nominating committee.

This webpage contain information regarding the election process. Updates and news regarding the election will be published here until the new nominating committee is elected.

The Administrative Director's proposal

Representatives of teaching staff with research expertise

Gunilla Jarlbro, Department of Communication and Media

Magnus Ring, Department of Sociology

Ole Elgström, Department of Political Science

Per Johnsson, Department of Psychology

Representatives of other staff

Anders Kirchner, Faculty Office

Eerika Saaristo, Department of Service Management and Service Studies

Vesna Sehovac, School of Social Work


Other nominations

Representatives of teaching staff with research expertise

Douglas Brommesson, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Kerstin Svensson, Socialhögskolan

Tina Kindeberg, Sociologiska institutionen

Representatives of other staff

Helena Gyllensvärd, Genusvetenskapliga institutionen

Jörgen Eksell, Institutionen för strategisk kommunikation

Karin Lenz, Socialhögskolan

Linda Stihl, Institutionen för kulturgeografi



The election is finished. Please see Election result in the right meny.


Invitation to the ongoing elections is sent to all employees at the Faculty.


The nomination period is extended to January 13th.


Nomination process has started.

Contact persons - Election process

Jenny Egidius
Faculty Coordinator
Faculty Office
Ph: 046-222 49 88
koordinator [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se

Malou Engberg de Carvalho
Administrative Director
Faculty Office
Ph: 046-222 72 10


Election result

Election result (in Swedish)

Nominate candidates

Invitation to elections 2015

Invitation (2nd page in English)