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Research Studies Council

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Research Studies Council consists of a chairperson (the vice dean), eleven department representatives and three student representatives.


Members of the Research Studies Council


Anna Meeuwisse, vice dean, chairperson

Magnus Andersson, Department of Communication and Media

Reza Banakar, Sociology of Law Department

Douglas Brommesson, Department of Political Science

Corinna Burkhart, student representative

Staffan Edling, student representative

Christian Fuentes, Department of Service Management and Service Studies

Tomas Germundsson,  Department of Human Geography

Mats Heide, Department of Strategic Communication

Katarina Jacobsson, School of Social Work

Magnus Lindgren, Department of Psychology

Diana Mulinari, Department of Gender Studies

Kimberly Nicholas, LUCSUS

Martina Smedberg, student representative

David Wästerfors, Department of Sociology


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Helen Wiman
Faculty Coordinator
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Meetings spring 2019

30 January 9-11 am
27 March 9-11 am
22 May 9-11 am