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Election to Dean, Pro Dean and Faculty Board

Faculty of Social Sciences
The Dean, Pro Dean and the Faculty Board are appointed by election for a three-year term of office. During 2017, new representatives to these positions are to be elected for the 2018-2020 term.

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This webpage contain information regarding the election process. Updates and news regarding the election will be published here throughout 2017 until a new Dean, Pro Dean and Board has been elected. This site contains:

  • latest news
  • nomination letter and other election related documents
  • election process timeline
  • election contact details





The election to the 2018-2020 Dean, Pro-Dean and Faculty Board representatives has now been completed – see below.
The Dean and Pro-Dean, along with the Board’s external members, are all appointed by the Lund University Vice-Chancellor. A transcript of the election minutes, in Swedish, can be found at this site (refer to the right side column)

Christofer Edling

Lena Eskilsson

Faculty Board Representatives – Teaching Staff
Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt
Jakob Gustavsson
Jens Rydström
Helena Sandberg
Kerstin Svensson
Susanna Vestberg

Faculty Board Representatives – Other Staff
Kristian Almquist
Ellen Fall

External Representatives
Anna-Karin Bergman, Head of R&D, Social Sustainability, Helsingborg stad
Matts Hansson, Senior Advisor, Social Planning Division, Malmö Stad


The Nominating Committee has published their suggestion to a new Faculty Board based on the nominations filed - refer to the link further below on this page to download the suggestion.


Nomination letter for election to the faculty board is distributed to the faculty.


Election documents

Nominating Committee suggestion, in swedish (PDF 82 kB)

Nomination letter (PDF, 198 kB)


Page Manager:

Election timeline

Spring semester 2017

27 March  Nomination letter and job profile are distributed to the constituency

28 April  Nomination/application deadline

Week 24 (June)  Election Committe suggestion and filed nominations are made public


Autumn semester 2017

1 September  Approved register of voters is established and distributed

4 September  A summon to the election is distributed to the constituency

4-26 September  The election is beeing held (web-based election)

27 September  ​Public count of votes

2 October  Suggestions to dean and pro-dean are presented to Lund University Vice-chancellor


Contact persons - Election process

Jenny Egidius
Faculty Coordinator
Faculty Office
Ph: 046-222 49 88
koordinator [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se

Malou Engberg de Carvalho
Administrative Director
Faculty Office
Ph: 046-222 72 10


Nominating Committee Suggestion

Suggestion to a new Faculty Board based on the nominations filed.

Download document in swedish. (PDF 82kB)

Election results