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Quantitative Methods - Multivariate Analysis

7.5 credits

Course period: 2018-04-25 to 2018-05-31

This course introduces the most widespread methods of multivariate analysis in social sciences.

Teaching includes lectures and teacher-assisted hands-on exercises with data drawn from social science databases. The course will be examined on the basis of these exercises and assignments including theoretical formulation and interpretation of multivariate models.

Participants are expected to have good knowledge of descriptive statistics – for example by having participated in the second cycle methodology course SIMM31 or SIMM41 – and basic knowledge of inductive statistics (statistical inference) and multiple regression analysis.

The course will be open to both PhD and master's students, though with separate syllabi. For more information on the master's-level course, see here.


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What happens next?

An email will be sent out to those who signed up and are eligible for the course around 6 weeks before the course begins, asking you to confirm your participation. A welcome letter including schedule, reading list, syllabus as well as any other information or tasks that the teacher wishes to include will then be sent to students accepted to the course 4 weeks before the course begins. Please inform the course administrator as soon as possible if you are no longer planning on taking the course as there might be other students on the reserve list.