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Service Studies

The subject of Service Studies is an interdisciplinary research field which studies both public and private provision of services. At Lund University, the subject is based at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies at Campus Helsingborg.

Photo from Helsingborg city

In the world’s developed economies, the production of goods has increasingly given way to the production of services. There is a growing need to understand and explain the complex service society which makes research into service studies all the more important. The overarching question is what are the economic, social and environmental consequences of the growing production and consumption of services?

Broad subject

Service studies touches on many other subject areas; the department’s lecturers and researchers therefore come from a range of different disciplines. Business administration, ethnology, human geography, sociology and history are the cornerstones of this interdisciplinary research profile. The research is often linked to the department’s degree programmes in tourism, retail, health, food and logistics services. Leadership, control, organisation and practice within different service industries are central to the research.

Research Fields

The researchers study a number of different issues; from welfare research and innovation to sustainability issues, humanoriented services, cooperation processes and the professionalisation of services. Different perspectives are applied to the design and conditions of services and to the communication and interaction that takes place in connection with different service encounters. The research breadth is manifested in several major projects studying shopping, welfare, waste management, tourism, cultural heritage, urban and regional development, public transport, sustainable fishing and coastal development. Part of the research also focuses on the current changes taking place in the immediate vicinity of the city of Helsingborg such as the urban renewal project H+. stadsförnyelseprojektet H+.


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