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Research ethics

3 credits
This course is a collaboration between the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Economics and Management and is open to PhD students from both faculties.

Course period:
12 - 23 October 2020

Application deadline:
3 August 2020

Anyone conducting research faces ethical issues of one or another sort. This course aims to make PhD students (at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Economics and Management) well equipped to conduct their research in accordance with current ethics regulations and guidelines on research involving humans, and in accordance with good research practice. It also aims to stimulate critical ethical thinking regarding various aspects of research in the behavioral and social sciences.

The course covers a variety of topics in research ethics, such as:

  • the many uses of research, and their value
  • risk of harm to research subjects
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • informed consent
  • ethical review
  • research misconduct
  • publication ethics

Research Ethics runs during two consecutive weeks (whole days and half days), and consists of lectures, seminars, and discussions in smaller groups, all of which are compulsory.

To pass the course participants are required to complete two group assignments, and one individual written assignment (on the ethics of the PhD student's own research). 

If you already now know that you would miss scheduled activities, we ask you to consider taking this course when it suits your schedule better, or to prioritize your schedule so you will be able to participate actively.

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Course coordinator
Linus Broström

Course administrator
Frank Schreier

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