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PhD studies

Here you will find information on PhD study programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences – from general syllabus and courses to funding and supervision. The information is for both PhD students and supervisors.

Two persons walking up a staircase. Photo: Kennet Ruona

The Faculty of Social Science offers PhD study programmes in twelve subjects. The programmes are comprised of 240 higher education credits (four years) and conclude with a doctoral examination. There is also the option of taking a licentiate's examination after 120 higher education credits (two years).

The faculty is responsible for coordination and quality assurance of doctoral studies. The Faculty Board determines issues such as establishment and phasing out of subjects for PhD study programmes, general syllabi, as well as principles within the framework of Lund University’s decisions.

On the pages linked below you find more information on:

Specific departmental information

For more specific information on your PhD study programme, please go to your department's website: 

General information for PhD students at Lund University

For more general information on your PhD study programme, please see the Lund University Staff Pages

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