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Gender and diversity in teaching and learning

This course provides a space to analyse gender and diversity both within the university as an organisation and in teaching and learning situations in the classroom.

How can we understand gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity/race, class and ability? What do we mean by diversity, equal treatment, intersectionality? And how do they work in the university and in the classroom?

The course explores how gender and diversity are done in different teaching and learning situations in the classroom, in policy documents, and in legislation. It analyses universities’ institutional and cultural dimensions. Not least, it gives you tools to create more accessible and less exclusive classrooms.

The course consists of a combination of

  • lectures 
  • seminars
  • hands-on exercises
  • and participants’ presentations.

Throughout the course, you will write a course paper and will receive feedback from others in the class and from the course teachers. An important element of the course is to learn from each other’s experiences as teachers and to put these in dialogue with your readings of the course literature.


Tuesday, 7 November 13:15-16:00

  • Introduction to the course (Marta Kolankiewicz)
  • Introduction to the field (Irina Schmitt)

Tuesday, 21 November 9:15-12:00

  • Legal aspects (Ann Numhauser-Henning)

Tuesday, 28 November 9:15-12:00

  • Gender and diversity in the context of universities (Vasna Ramasar)

Tuesday, 12 December 10:15-16:00

  • Approaches towards an anti-discriminatory classroom (Marta Kolankiewicz and Vasna Ramasar)

Tuesday, 9 January 10:15-16:00

Presentations and discussion of the projects (Irina Schmitt)

Apply for the course

Apply here no later than 8 June

Course information

Language: English

Length: 2 weeks

Application deadline: 8 June

Course description (PDF 260 kB)

Course teachers

Marta Kolankiewicz (course coordinator)
marta [dot] kolankiewicz [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Irina Schmitt
irina [dot] schmitt [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Vasna Ramasar
vasna [dot] ramarsar [at] hek [dot] lu [dot] se

Ann Numhauser-Henning 
ann [dot] numhauser-henning [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se