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Application for PhD Courses: Autumn 2019

Please fill in this form to apply for the Social Sciences Faculty PhD courses. 

Additional requirements

If you are a doctoral student from another university, please download the Special Permission Form and submit it with your application below.

If you do not have one, please write your date of birth.
If you are not a PhD candidate at Lund University, please select 'other' and fill in your home university.
Download the form from the link at the top of the application.
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Application Deadlines

Deadlines to apply can vary from course to course - the following is an overview of the applications deadlines for Autumn term 2019.

Application closed: 
The Fundamental Role of Language
Kickstart to Academic Life
Research Ethics
Justice, Equality and the 2030 Agenda

Last day to apply: 7 October
Philosophy of Science
Political Psychology