7. How to apply

Outgoing exchange students


The application should be in English and completed via the application database Solemove.

Application link to exchange studies in Solemove
Only open for applications during application rounds.

Login to the application system Solemove using your student account username (LUCAT-ID) and password. 

1. Search

When in Solemove, click "Abroad" if you want to browse for universities (if you have started your application already, you might have to click the "home icon" in the top of the page to find the "Abroad" option). You will find the universites available in the current applicaion period under Advanced search: Application period Faculty of Social Sciences and the present application round.

You should also select your home department as the host institution when browsing, or select Faculty of Social Sciences. Try both, there will be slightly different options to chose from depending on the subject specific agreements.

Browse the information and websites of the universites to decide which universities you are interested in. Read the Info sheets (shown under Enclosures) to learn more about each option. Remember to check if there are any restrictions in which courses are available or any language requirements.

N.B! Compare with the list below to find the open study periods for the resepective university. 

Know that this list below is showing a still picture of the offers last application round, and will not look the same next time. Please use this list only as an inspiration at this point. When next application round opens, there will be an updated list of universities and availiable study periods.

Universities and study periods (PDF 413,53 Kb, new window)

2. Apply

When you know which universities you would like to include in your application, click "Application form for outgoing student mobility" in the left column, and start your application.

Please take your time to fill out all the details in the application form. The system will alert you if data is missing. Not until you completed the full form, you will be able to send in your application.

For instruction manual on how to apply through Solemove, click here (you will be transferred to the university webpage about Exchange studies at lunduniversity.lu.se). For Solemove related questions, please turn to LU system support through solemove [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se.

You can apply to up to ten universities in your application. Rank them in order of priority. Your application should include the following attachments (all attachments should be written in English, you will find instructions for attachments below):

  • Statement of Purpose
  • CV
  • Study plans
  • Transcript of records

When you have completed your application and uploaded the attachments, you can submit your application. You do not need to submit a paper version of your application.

Instructions for attachments

Statement of Purpose

Introduce yourself briefly. Explain how an exchange term would benefit your studies and your future academically. Focus on the academics! If it makes it easier you can write about your top choice only, there is on need to mention all the selected universities.
The Statement of Purpose should be written in English, max. 1 A4 page. Send in only 1 Statement of Purpose in total.


Your Curriculum Vitae should reflect a relevant academic background, language skills/certificates, work experience and/or other applicable activities. It should be to the point and written in English. Do not put any effort in how it should look like, the content is more important.

Se example (PDF)

Study plan

Fill out your study plan according to the courses you would like/plan to study. You write a separate study plan for each university you apply to. Please note that the study plan is preliminary and, should you be nominated, your courses will likely change during the exchange university’s application process. It may be difficult to find updated course catalogues, course codes and information about Faculty/Department but do your best with the information available. It is, however, important that you fill out your study plan completely in order for us to see that you have found courses and a study plan that suits your current studies and curriculum in Lund so that the courses can be transferred after the exchange.

Access the university info sheets through the list of universities you can apply for more information about the relevant universities and direct links to their home pages. You're welcome to use this template when creating your study plan:

Study plan template (Word document)

Transcript of records

If you have studied at another university, please  attach a copy of your official transcript of records from that university, but you do not need to attach transcripts for your current studies at Lund University.   


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Faculty International Office

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Postal adress: Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden

Visiting address: Sandgatan 13A, Building R, Gamla Kirurgen, Lund (map)


Due to the current situation, drop in visiting hours are cancelled. Please email or call us instead.


Katarina Follin
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