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Information ahead of possible power shortage

This winter there is an increased risk that there is not enough electricity at all hours in all parts of Sweden - a so-called power shortfall. If necessary, the authority Svenska kraftnät (the Swedish Power Grid) will issue a general warning about electricity shortages to the public. If you receive such a warning, you should assume that a power cut may occur at any time.

In the event of a warning of a power shortfall, you will receive information from the university.

Things to think about in the event of a power cut

  • In the event of a power cut, all students and all staff must leave the faculty's premises. The exception is individuals with special tasks.
  • Please note that elevators will not operate during a power cut.
  • If the power cut occurs during a classroom exam, a new exam opportunity must be offered within three weeks.
  • A manual disconnection is estimated to lead to a power cut for 2-4 hours with a subsequent period of connection. As the connection period is unknown, we expect the power cut to last 6-12 hours. 
  • Some doors have battery powered locks, other locks will stop working in the event of a power cut. You will always be able to get out of the room and building, but not in, in the event of a power cut. 
  • If necessary, you will find an emergency number on the back of your LU card. 

Return to campus

If nothing else is announced, we assume that operations can resume the following business day.