Student life

Faculty of Social Sciences

Are you a Social Sciences course or programme student? Here are a couple of things that’s useful for you to know about your faculty.

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Welcome to your faculty

Lund University consist of eight different faculties. At the Social Sciences faculty, your course or programme is connected to one of our departments or units. All course or programme related information can be found at your department/unit website or learning platform. This includes information concerning your schedule, literature lists, study guidance and examinations.

Departments and units at the Faculty of Social Sciences


Newly admitted student?

Find details concerning introduction meetings, registration and schedule.

Corona/covid-19 information

Information on how the Faculty of Social Sciences adapts to the current covid-19 situation.

Study guidance

Guidance and information when you are in the process of making educational or professional choices.

International opportunities

The Faculty’s international office informs you on your exchange studies opportunities.

Student rights and responsibilities

Student participation, students' work environment, how to conduct exams and degree projects and much more.

Equal opportunities

Support if you are subjected to discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation.

Applying for jobs and career questions

Advice and tips when you’re about to start you career.