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Faculty of Social Sciences

Lund University is the number one choice for international students coming to Sweden and offers a vibrant international campus environment.

Two university buildings and some green trees. Photo.
Photo: Petra Francke.

Sweden's most popular student city

Lund is also voted as Sweden’s most popular student city and has the highest proportion of students among the population. With a thriving student life and clubs and societies for all tastes, everything is within cycling distance and the atmosphere in Lund is both international and intimate – just the place for making exciting friendships for life.

Critical thinking and freedom of mind

Critical thinking and freedom of mind are the cornerstones of academic life at Lund University. Critical thinking refers to the ability to assess information and form independent and well-informed opinions; to scrutinise and question beliefs; to revise opinions in the light of new knowledge; to give and receive criticism in a constructive manner; and to engage in discussion with fellow students and learn from others.

Freedom of mind refers to the ability to think outside the box – to liberate oneself from conventional wisdoms, to value the authenticity of ideas and experiences, and to appreciate and seek fresh perspectives on old ideas.

These approaches are stimulated in all activities at the University. In seminars, workshops and experiments, students analyse and present solutions to given problems and assignments. Theoretical concepts are tested in practical situations, and practical experiences are employed to develop and enrich theory.

Independent studies

A large part of the learning process takes place outside the classroom through independent study and discussion of the course material in groups. Class hours vary from course to course. Students at Lund University are trained to efficiently assess large amounts of information with study techniques taught in the classroom, through workshops and by academic advisors.