Career guidance

Need more help? Some departments offer further assistance and support in career issues. Contact your department or unit to learn more.

Departments and units

Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Department of Communication and Media

Department of Gender Studies

Department of Human Geography

Department of Political Science  

Department of Psychology

Department of Service Management and Service Studies

Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology of Law

Department of Strategic Communication

Graduate School

School of Social Work


Swedish labor unions

Joining a labor union can be a way for you to get some extra help with your career. Unions have a strong position in Sweden and can offer assistance for students like career guidance, stats about the labor markets within specific areas, CV assistance and advice you about salary, rights etc.






The Local

The Local is a great source for English spoken people as they advise and monitor Sweden from a foreigner point of view and write a lot and share experience about living in Sweden. Their job section contains job searching tips and vacant jobs in English.