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1. Where can I study?

Outgoing exchange studies

A world map. Photo.
You can start thinking about which countries you would like to do exchange studies in. Photo: Pixabay

Partner Universities

As a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you have a lot of opportunities if you are interested in going on exchange studies at one of our partner universities.  We have partner Universities all over the World!

There are three different types of agreements you can apply for:

  • University-wide agreements (Universities assigned to the Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Faculty-wide agreements (within Social Sciences)  
  • Departmental agreements (subject specific)

The list of availiable universities will not look the same from semester to semester.

Browsing for availiable universities

All the Lund University's partner universities can be found in our application system Solemove 

To find an exact list you must browse for the exact application period connected to the Faculty of Social Sciences. You can only do this once the application period has opened.

If there is no application period open at the moment you can chose to select 'My home unit' (chose your home institution, or Faculty of Social Sciences) and you'll be able to see the possible universities connected to your study area.

You can not know for certain that all these universities will be availiable options for you once it is time for your to apply, but please use this chance to read up on the facts of the universities and get yourself inspired!

Application system Solemove

How to browse for universities once the application is open



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