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Activities in Sweden

Certificate of International Merits (CIM)

There are a variety of activities you can do at home. Your experiences must be linked to your studies and future profession. Here you can find examples of activities and the rules for using them in the Certificate of International Merits (CIM). You can also contact your department's contact person to find out more about their own activities.

Become a mentor to an international student

Take the chance and become an international mentor for an exchange student at the Faculty.

Become an international mentor -

What are the rules? You must be an international mentor for at least one period in order to count this as an activity in Sweden. You are welcome to be a mentor for several periods, but you cannot count these as several different independent activities in Sweden for the purposes of the CIM.

Get involved in a language café

Lund University organises various language cafés for exchange students. This is a great opportunity for you to meet students from other countries and not only learn about their culture but also share your own.

What are the rules? Your experiences from the language café must be linked in some way to your academic studies and future profession. You must have been actively present for at least three meetings for this to be counted as an activity in Sweden. You are welcome to attend additional meetings, but you cannot count, for example, six sessions as two different home-based activities.

Attend guest lectures with an international focus

There are a variety of guest lectures open to the public that have an international perspective. These can be included as a sub-activity within an activity. Look for tips in the calendars on the University’s various websites.

Which lectures can be included? Please see FAQ or contact the CIM contact person at your Department. Can you reflect on the questions after attending the lecture? In order for this to be considered an activity, you need to attend at least three lectures and/or seminars. You are welcome to attend more than that, but you cannot count, for example, six lectures as two different activities in Sweden.

Thematic international café

Some Departments offer the opportunity to participate in international cafés or other international gatherings.

What are the rules? The rules may be a bit different depending on the particular activity. One example is the School of Social Work's international cafés before the internship in term five. In order for this to count as an activity, you must participate at least twice, one of them as a presenter.

Attending conferences or workshops

Your study programme, student organisations and faculty sometimes offer various forms of international conferences/workshops with an international focus. Keep an eye on websites, Facebook and talk to your union. In order for you to count this as an activity, the experience must be disseminated to fellow students, for example via presentations at seminars or something similar.

Which conferences/workshops can be included? See the FAQ or contact the CIM contact person at your department. After having taken part in the activity, can you reflect on the questions? Participation equivalent to at least one full day is required in order for a conference/workshop to be counted as an activity.

FAQ about CIM

Engage in groups with an international focus

You can initiate and/or get involved in a student group with a focus from a global perspective on your future profession. Discuss this with the contact person for CIM at your department or with the faculty’s CIM coordinator to receive tips and guidance.

Participate in an international course with a social science perspective

Some of the faculty’s departments provide courses in English where programme students and exchange students meet and interact with each other. In cases where international courses are not offered within the programme, you can find courses on your own both within and outside the faculty. It must be a course you have actively chosen, meaning that it is not an compulsory course that is a part of your study plan.

Which courses can count? Contact the CIM contact person at your department. After having taken part in the activity, can you reflect on the questions? A course must be teacher-led and have clear course intended learning objectives to be count as a home-based activity in Sweden.

Faculty contact

Faculty International Office
outgoing [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se 

Department contacts

School of Social Work
Roberto Scaramuzzino 
roberto [dot] scaramuzzino [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Read more about CIM on School of Social Work's website

Service studies
Annika Permevik
annika [dot] permevik [at] ses [dot] lu [dot] se

Sociology of Law
Anna Sonander
anna [dot] sonander [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se

Strategic Communication
Frida Hessel
frida [dot] hessel [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se

Please note that CIM certificates do not apply to programmes that already have elements of international experience built into the syllabus.