Covid-19 and the autumn semester of 2020

Information to all Faculty of Social Sciences students

A decision by Lund University in the spring allowed teaching and assessment of students’ performance to resume on the University’s premises as of 15 June 2020. The Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection are still to be observed. At the Faculty of Social Sciences, the following applies for the autumn semester. The information will be updated in accordance with new decisions.

2020 autumn semester: both online and campus-based teaching

The faculty’s campuses in Lund and Helsingborg are open for the autumn semester of 2020, but the campus-based teaching will be conducted in adapted forms and large parts of the teaching will be carried out using digital tools (online).

We are striving to ensure that all courses – even those in the first half of the semester – contain one or more campus-based components. This means that students are expected to be present in, or close to, Lund/Helsingborg. In campus-based teaching, social distancing is to be maintained in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

The following student groups/components are to be prioritised when it comes to teaching at the University's premises:

  • Students who are commencing their studies at the University in the autumn (new students)
  • International students, both degree students and incoming exchange students. For these groups, it is important that their education is not entirely online, as the Swedish Migration Agency does not grant residence permits for remote studies.
  • Teaching that is based on practical and applied components such as process group supervision, conversation exercises, computer exercises involving quantitative methods and similar.
  • Teaching and assessment that is particularly difficult to conduct online without compromising quality

Measures for a safe study environment

Students are to feel secure when studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The faculty has therefore implemented a number of measures to ensure that campus-based teaching will comply with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations:

  • We have adapted the furniture arrangement at our premises in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Classrooms will be used for a longer period during the day (08:00–18:00) in order to spread out teaching sessions.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in or outside classrooms.
  • Disinfection wipes are available in classrooms, computer rooms/at computer stations so that users can disinfect the table, keyboard and mouse before and after use.
  • Microwave ovens, which students can use to heat up packed lunches, are temporarily out of use. Instead, we recommend that students bring in cold packed lunches.

A safe study environment – everyone’s responsibility

We must all take collective responsibility for maintaining a safe study environment. It is therefore very important that as a student you:

  • Maintain social distancing! (1.5 m)
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold or illness 
  • Wash hands often and thoroughly or use hand sanitiser
  • Leave the classroom and corridor after a lesson is over 
  • Respect the current delimitations of the premises 
  • Respect the arrangement of furniture in classrooms and do not move tables and chairs
  • Do not put out furniture that has been cleared away 

Also see health care information on

Programme/course specific information

Before the start of semester, all new and current students will receive e-mail based specific information from their course or programme regarding the autumn semester arrangements.

During the semester, you can find specific course and programme information at your department’s website or learning platform.

Faculty department and unit’s websites

Student support

Distance resourses

The Social Sciences Faculty Library offer support on distance learning.

Study guidance

Offers support and guidance in study-related issues.

Student Health Counselling at Lund University

Time is booked through the University website.

The Academic Support Centre

Offers assistance with, among other things, study skills. Digital meetings or telephone meetings are currently being offered. Time booked through the University website.