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Honorary Doctors 2018

Women’s role in peace processes, and fluid boundaries between male and female in society and popular culture. These are topics researched by the new honorary doctors in social sciences – Jacqui True and Jack Halberstam – whose degrees will be conferred on 25 May in Lund Cathedral.

Honorary doctors 2018 Jack Halberstam and Jacqui True
Jack Halberstam and Jacqui True

Jack (also known as Judith) Halberstam, professor of gender studies at the University of California, is one of the main theorists in gender studies, focusing on queer theory and the understanding of changes in cultural perceptions of gender and sexuality in the West. In his research, he explains the significance of the ongoing shift between male and female. Societies are confronted with, and must be able to handle, things like rainbow families, pregnant men and ageing openly gay persons. Transgender studies is a relatively new research field of gender studies, one which Jack Halberstam has been involved in developing since it emerged in the 90s. Halberstam has visited Lund many times and taught on PhD courses. His work include Female Masculinity (1998), In a Queer Time and Place (2005) and Gaga Feminism (2012).


Jacqui True is a professor of political science and international relations at Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre in Australia. Her research focuses on the role of women in peace processes, and her research articles on global governance, gender equality in peace-keeping work and feminist research methods are among the most cited in the field. Her current research is about patterns of systematic sexual violence in war-torn countries in Asia and the Pacific region. Jacqui True has helped build a consortium of organisations working to include women in peace processes. For several years, she has collaborated with senior researchers but also doctoral students at Lund University, and she is editor of the upcoming anthology Handbook on Women, Peace and Security (Oxford University Press) in which several political scientists from Lund have participated.


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