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Facts and figures

Faculty of Social Sciences
The Social Sciences consist of a number of disciplines which strive to understand people and human relationships in terms of structures and systems.

The Faculty Office building Gamla Kirurgen
The Faculty Office building Gamla Kirurgen, dating back to the 19th century.


To understand, explain and improve our world

Most of the challenges of our time are the result of human activity and must be solved through societal processes. Scientists provide important contributions to identifying and explaining environmental problems, for example. Engineering and medicine can create solutions for these problems. But implementing new ideas requires a combination of knowledge about and questioning of human behaviour and our social and political institutions.


Making it comprehensible

Our researchers’ task is to make the functioning and dynamics of society comprehensible, thereby creating the opportunity to change and, in the best case, prevent the occurrence of problems. Education and research in the social and behavioural sciences generates knowledge and solutions that contribute to efficient social organisation, economic competitiveness and socially sustainable development

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The Faculty in Figures 2017

14 undergraduate programmes
21 master's programmes
3 professional qualification programmes
About 300 free-standing courses

5 746 students

International exchange
222 incoming exchange students
250 outgoing exchange students

Doctoral students*
113 doctoral students

Total number of faculty staff: 524
  - 54 professors
  - 363 teachers/researchers
  - 107 technical and administrative staff

Education SEK 362 million / € 36,7 million
Resarch SEK 248 million / € 25,1 million

Communication and Media
Gender Studies
Human Geography
Political Science
Service Management and Service Studies
Sociology of Law
Strategic communication
Social Work

Centre for European studies
Centre for Middle Eastern Studies


* Full-time equivalents