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Doctoral student survey

Faculty of Social Sciences

PhD survey

About the survey

The 2013 Lund University survey Forskarutbildningen vid LU. Rapport från Utvärderingsenheten 2013: 270 showed that doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences demonstrated relatively high, ”negative” values on several indicators of stress. At the same time, university statistics on sick leave showed that our Faculty – together with the Humanities – had the highest rates of sick leave for doctoral students.

With this background, the Faculty of Social Sciences decided to distribute a questionnaire to all its doctoral students in order to obtain a better and more detailed picture of how doctoral students at the Faculty perceive their psycho-social environment and health.

The survey was sent to 141 individuals in early spring 2014. Answers were received from 85 persons, a response rate of 60 %. The individual comments that some respondents gave are not included, as these could have made possible the identification of individual students.


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