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2016 PhD courses (archive)

2016 Spring term

Qualitative Methods

7.5 credits, 2016-01-18 to 2016-03-28

Course schedule spring 2016

Reading list and reading instructions (pdf)

Course syllabus (pdf)

Course coordinators: Ingrid Sahlin and Malin Åkerström


Quantitative Methods - Multivariate Analysis

7.5 credits, 2016-05-02 to 2016-06-05

Course schedule (link)

Reading list (pdf)

Course syllabus (pdf)

Course coordinator: Mimmi Barmark


Applied Methodology, Methods Thesis

7.5 credits, 2016-05-02 to 2016-06-05

Course information and schedule (pdf)

Course syllabus (pdf)

Course coordinator: Hanna Bäck

2016 Autumn term

Social Science, Human Nature and Society: Conceptual and Philosophical Issues

7,5 or 15 credits

Course schedule

Course syllabus 7,5 credits

Course syllabus 15 credits

Course literature 7,5 credits

Course literature 15 credits

Course coordinator: Christina Erneling

Kickstart to Academic Life: Information Management and Publication Process for Social Scientists

7.5 credits

Course Schedule

Course literature (pdf)

Course syllabus (pdf)

Course coordinator: Christofer Edling

Philosophy of Science for the Social Sciences

7.5 credits

Course Schedule (pdf)

Course Literature (pdf)

Course syllabus (pdf)

Course coordinators: Helle Rydström, Richard Ek



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